The Attitude That Gets You Laid!

Have you ever met one of "those" guys? No matter what he does or says, women are always all over him as if he has some sort of mind-control they can not resist.

Yet you really don't see anything special about him, do you? Except for the slightly different attitude of course.

He looks like just some dude who is a little too cocky and kind of a prick once in a while to his adoring woman fans and on top of that, a borderline bullshit artist.

You can also see right through him but for some weird reason, women suck it  up like he's the world's finest coffee.

They just don't seem to get it.

Tell me how you feel about those guys?

Do they piss you off?

Do they make you jealous?

Do they make you want to give up on women entirely, because if THAT is what they want, fuck it - they can have them.

Do you look down at them and hate the women who fall for their shit because obviously, those chicks must not be very intelligent to miss something so  painfully clear to you?


Does a small part of you want to be just like them and have it all too?

Minus the flirting, rudeness, and cocky attitude of course.

Well I think you can...

IF you're willing to drop all the negative judgments towards them and the women who date and casually sleep with them too.

Adopt their ATTITUDE and you're in.

Fact: All women want a guy who is borderline cocky, who is not afraid of being a prick once in a while, and has the confidence to back it all up.

The secret to getting it to work for you is BALANCE.

If you're a prick all the time - it won't work on good women.

If you go too far with the cocky routine, you'll only look arrogant, pathetic, and women won't ever believe you are for real. You'll come off like an ass and they won't like it.

They'll see you as a pretender who is masking his real problems of not ever getting any and will only ever see you as yet another lame-ass guy who can not get laid to save his life... with a real woman that is.

Not really a personality that attracts genuinely nice girls.

She Thinks You’re A Sad Lonely Nice Guy & Couldn’t Get Laid To Save His Life

So what's the secret here?

In my younger days I watched guys with the right blend or balance of attitude pull away every woman I wanted - without even trying.

It pissed me off enough to secretly hate them which stopped me from seeing the bigger picture.

This meant it took me way too many sexless, no girlfriend, dateless day and nights to just LET IT ALL GO and find a way to LEARN from them - whether they knew it was happening or not.

Don't wait like my old pathetic self did!

Whatever your reasons or excuses happen to be that you are so desperately trying to hold to...


Stop Using Your Balls As An Excuse To Not Get The Help You Need With Women

They are NOT your enemy in your fight for women.

They're NOT your competition.

They're NOT stealing anything from you.

Stop Competing With Them, One Secret To Being A More Attractive Man

AND they're not all bad guys - some of them are actually pretty cool guys and you know it.

Whether they see you doing it or not, if they actually physically help you or not - they're you're new TEACHERS.

They will SHOW you how it's done and all you have to do is watch, learn, and then make sure whatever you do, however you assimilate their words, body language, and important attitude about life and women, that it comes from YOU and not a clone of someone you're trying to emulate.

Again, no excuses and definitely no bitching how it's too tough or how you can't do it or don't want to - because you can.

Don't tell me you can't figure out how to balance a little cockiness in how you interact and talk with women.

Don't tell me you can't stand up for yourself once on a while in a true Alpha way.

Don't tell me you can't be a prick once in a while when you think she's crossed the line or insulted you in some way which goes against your beliefs, just because you think you can "nice" her into bed easier.

Don't tell me confidence is based on experience and how unless you have a thousand lays in your book, you'll never be confident because I know, confidence does NOT come from success.

It comes from failures, how you handle them, how you use them to your advantage, and not to fuel more hatred and depression.

Failing  with women can be your new wingman because all those rejections you've suffered from in the past, means you have ALL THE POWER in the world to turn them into real CONFIDENCE.

After She Rejected You, Have You Ever Thought About Asking Her Why?

Today's conclusion...

Your attitude towards life and women can make all the difference between failure and success in dating lots of women to enjoying more casual sex on your terms.

You see it in those other guys who do get it all.

Don't hate them or the women who fall for them.

Embrace it.

Watch closely.

Pay attention.

Let their words, body language, and attitude bleed into you while maintaining yourself in the mix.

Balance is key here so aim to staying somewhere in the middle between being a sexy guy and a real alpha male:

26 Traits Women Find Sexy – How To Become A Sexual Guy Despite Your Looks

How You Can Develop Your Personality & Be A Real Mysterious Alpha Male


The exact blend of formula is cocky/funny and any guy can make it work for him.

Disclaimer: When I first found the balls to use it fearlessly, it took about a week to start seeing a "fuck me" look in women's eye so be warned!

Give it a little time and you'll see it happening too. It's pretty cool to watch and participate in.

Cocky Comedy – The Difference Between Being Confident & Acting Like a Jerk

Why Cocky & Funny Attracts Women - Using Humor To Trigger Her

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