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Do You Have The Balls To Blow That Hot Girl Off and Should You?

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Do you have the balls to blow this woman off?

Think about this guys… You actually hit it off with some “hot” girl.

Everything seems great.

There’s sexual chemistry on top of the amazing conversations, you know the ones where you’re not just nodding and agreeing with whatever she says.

You fight a little, she gives it back, but after the heated “nice” argument the sexual tension doesn’t disappear, it actually becomes “hotter.”

But then…

Out of nowhere it happens…

She rarely returns your phone calls.

She rarely answers her mail.

She acts interested when you are together.

She even rewards you occasionally with some kissing.

She teases you to keep you interested but then disappears again.

It’s almost like you have to start over each time you are together.

Whether she knows it or not, or is doing it on purpose, she’s creating your addiction to her and can not resist the temptation and fleeting responses.

She rewards you occasionally.

Teases you to keep you interested.

Then she freaking disappears again.

You feel like all she wants is for you to be constantly chasing her and feeding her Ego, and if you’re smart enough or out last her “games” she’ll one day opt for an exclusive relationship.

Like she’s dangling her “carrot” masked with her beauty and Wit.

Hot or not, do you have the balls to blow this woman off? Should you and how must it be done?

Where do you draw the line?

Well first of all, you better be dating other women or she might “use you up.” Falling to her charm without seeing other women can be a very dangerous mixture.

Next, we might want to assess her situation by asking a few very important questions:

  1. Is she playing a game of manipulation?
  2. Is it just part of her personality? Perhaps flaky or just care free and unable to settle down.
  3. Is she really attracted to you and you intimidate her or make her nervous? Is she afraid to commit because you’re just that good for her?
  4. Is she too busy but enjoys your time together and can’t focus on a relationship right now?
  5. Does she want to commit more to you but she is not in a place in her life to do so,or “it’s complicated”?

Secondly we need to determine what we’re going to do about her based on our answers above:

#1. Manipulative.

Blow her off. Literally just erase her number.

She will waste your valuable time and probably set you back in becoming a more attractive person.

Whether or not you decide to tell her why is up to you BUT it won’t make you a better man by telling her what is wrong with her.

That’s not for you to decide.

I would just tell her you don’t think it’s going to work out between you and her.

#2. Flaky.

This is a tricky one.

How flaky is she and how much are you willing to put up with?

If you understand she is kind of forgetful and caught up a little too much in her own head but you are still willing to deal with it, blowing her off may not be for you.

If you choose this route you must NOT not let it get to you.

You can joke about with her and bust her balls a little but you must understand it is YOUR choice to continually see her.

So deal with it!

If you feel you can not tolerate flakiness then yes, it’s time to “blow her off.”

Again telling her what is wrong with her is not recommended and it won’t make you a better man.

What WILL make you a better man is to be honest and tell her it’s just not going to work because her lifestyle and yours, don’t match up.

End it there.

If she’s just care free and doesn’t seem to want to settle down, then you’re okay… because you’re dating other girls and you don’t enter a relationships with women who are not ready when you are.

Here’s something I wrote on how to handle to a truly flaky woman: What NOT To Do When A Woman Flakes Out On You.

#3. Fear.

Ask yourself how strong of a woman you want in your life.

If your typical everyday presence causes her to be too anxious around you, do NOT tune yourself down for her.

She is reacting ( or acting ) the way she is because it is who she is.

Unfortunately these women tend to have low self-esteem and become extremely needy once she settles down and becomes comfortable around you.

She may be hot and a fun to be around but her issues will cause problems in the end and those are HER issues not yours.

Allow her all the space she needs to grow herself into the what she expects from herself and not you. ( It’s my apparent most popular nice guy tip: Give The Women You Are Attracted to… Space. )

I know this sounds appealing, a hot woman being so anxious around you and showering you with attention when you’re together, but when she begins to disappear often or blows you off because she’s worried about YOU not liking HER you must stand up and be willing and capable to not continue on seeing her.

If you want a strong woman in your life and she’s giving you every sign she’s not that person, you have every right to walk away but also you have no right to burn the bridge or treat her unfairly because of it.

Again, date other women and if over time you’re not finding the one, she could overcome her fears and use that bridge to start something new and even more exciting.

#4. Her time is limited.

She’s a busy girl.

Nothing wrong with that at all.

If she is turning out to be relationship material yet her lifestyle is just so confusing to you, her unpredictable actions leave you wondering why, or how if she really does like you she will make time for you… then it might be time to let her go.

You see when you begin to question her motives you already lost.

If you find yourself always wanting her attention and she does not have the time to give it to you then you’ve stumbled on the problem of becoming needy and might even find yourself eventually begging her for her time.

Which of course will destroy the attraction she had for you very quickly. My suggestion is to look more closely at why you feel you need more attention from her an to do this you need to be objective by letting her go.

If you’re actively seeking a long-term relationship, SHE is not the one so be prepared to let her go and focus more on “relationship ready” women.

However, if neither one of those are an issue for you, then why would you let her go.

Have fun with it.

Stop looking at the time you’re separated as a negative thing and focus on enjoying the time you have while you’re together.

Don’t go screwing up a good thing because you might feel frustrated once in a while.

#4. It’s “complicated.”

She’s just not ready for you or a relationship.

If you understand this and allow yourself to date other women at the same time, then you’re on the right track.

Her lifestyle is complex and if you know she’s not doing it on purpose, then deal with it in a masculine adult way and do NOT just blow her off out of spite.

But again, as above, you begin to wonder what her motives really are, or you do want a woman who is more stable and her life is managed better, then it’s time to say goodbye.

The rule above also goes:

If you’re actively seeking a long-term relationship, SHE is not the one so be prepared to let her go and focus more on “relationship ready” women.

Now for the “other” questions.

Have you decided to call it quits?

How should you do it?

If you have decided it’s no big deal for you, then how can this experience actually make you a more attractive guy? ( Yeah that’s the good part. )

Well you can only act from two places.


  • Put too much emphasis on this one girl and allow her affect your life negatively.
  • You act like you need her to like you. Constantly pushing the issue about how she acts and wanting her to change.
  • You chase her because she’s hot and being with her makes you feel or look better in front of others.

Anytime we act from a place of SCARCITY we make ourselves appear LESS attractive.

We also are more likely to settle.

If you’re not sure if you’re settling, read this article Scot McKay let me reprint to help you figure that out for yourself: 7 Ways to Tell If You Are Settling For the Wrong Person


  • You have no time to deal with her rude downright manipulative behavior.
  • You have the balls to blow her off despite her looks and what you’re feeling in your pants.
  • You understand it is who she is and are not willing or desperate to change her.

Anytime we act from a place of ABUNDANCE we make ourselves appear MORE attractive.

Attractive men who act from abundance can also become even more attractive by maturely dealing with the situation one way or another.

Again, if you’re going to quit seeing her, do NOT string her along or don’t give in to telling her what you think might be wrong with her. I’m sure she’ll ask and honestly I don’t have that answer for you right now.

“This, us, we, it’s just not working.” seems to say it all because it’s honest… It’s not working, right?

But what if you don’t have the “balls” to blow her off or you’re not willing to give up on it just yet because she’s not playing a game with you?

Okay so she rarely answer you emails or texts:

Then you’re sending too many. Cut them in half and if she doesn’t answer you back, do NOT send another message.

Set your life up so many women are emailing and texting you so it won’t matter anymore.

Maybe she rarely answers the phone and find yourself leaving too many voice mails:

Again… stop calling her as often or at all.

If she’s not going to get back to you, then it’s time to move on.

Remember if you’re constantly texting her without a response, or calling her voice mail hoping she’ll answer or call you back, you’re acting out of scarcity.

Dating lots of women solves both those problems so learn to stack you dates. I wrote this article to help you out there: If You’re Not Stacking Dates You’re Not Enjoying Its Long Term Benefit

It may not be an issue of “blowing off a hot girl…

If she’s into playing games, end it quickly.


If she’s not, “blowing her off” simply means acting from abundance, allowing her the space she obviously needs, exploring other women and opportunities while at the same time casually dating her in the event you both end up on the same page one day…

Because that’s how real longer lasting relationships start and have a better chance of succeeding.

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  • isabeky

    I have been this girl & it’s not ever going to be because the man “intimidates” me…Not to toot my horn but but LOL. In my experience it is I enjoy the man & feel some attraction but there is something not quite right. I don’t answer all the texts because I don’t really want to lead him on. At least I have been upfront & said I don’t see us as a good fit, long-term, but do like him. It seems wrong to suck up all his time & energy knowing I don’t feel we’re right for each other. So I disappear to let him know he needs to move on. Because it seems if you say “just friends” but respond to every text esp romantic texts etc it is giving false hope. And it wastes my time. Thrn sometimes I miss him or wonder if I will feel differently about him so I respond. The guy will always instantly reply, “i sent that text months ago!” ugh. The other part is I hate texting which is all guys my age want to do. Lame. And they send meme after meme or worse yet a meme with a perfect ass or a gorgeous girl & I guess I’m supposed to feel insecure or competitive but it’s a big turn off guys that are too into their phones& Facebook. I often just put my phone away to live life & when a guy sends a bunch of texts without having a POINT it seems …not manly. Manly men go out & get shit done. My opinion. So I think there’s a chance the girl likes you, thinks you’re cute, but wants more in a man…

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