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“The Voice” Scam – Social Intelligence and Conversations of Interest

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Is your voice being heard in your social life?

I have raised a lot of questions lately of the personality and the social skills of the smarter man. Needless to say I’ve found an area in which I don’t have all the answers for.

Yes it’s true. This smart sometimes “smart ass man” only knows so much.

But I’m okay with it because we’ll learn together – and I like that.

I’ve struggled with the implications of how in the social world there’s a huge separation between the guy who gets the girls by his social offerings and the guy whose interests don’t always have a place in the everyday social world of dating.

Or the first guy’s ability or skill to talk about things I’m not interested in which women find fascinating. ( I prefer to be fascinating.)

Does this mean I have to learn to love to talk about what I see as nothing?

I could talk to a woman for hours anywhere about what I do. How men think. What makes women want them and vice versa. However in the end I’ve never found that to be much of a way to have women beating down my door looking for more than just my opinion.

The years spent in the friends zone has taught me a special ability which – let’s face it – makes me some great woman friends but that’s it. I’ve found if you talk to a woman long enough about this whole attraction thing you just very well might wind up being her therapist.

Lets try an experiment.

I’m going to talk about a current event which I feel strongly about.

You’re welcome to form your own opinion and of course you’re more than welcome to comment on mine.

Especially if you’re a woman because it would be cool to hear your reaction too.

Men – Form your own opinion and work something similar into your conversations with women.

Women – How would you feel about a man whose social life can invoke this type of conversation with a strong passionate belief with his words?

I am a trained musician and have always found my vocals lacked that certain something a real singer has. So It’s no big surprise I became interested in The Voice last year.

I’m in love with strong vocals and “The Voice”, on the surface, appeared to be a great idea… That is until I realized what a scam it was.

The show claims to be only about the vocals – how looks don’t matter – how you will be judged solely on the professionalism of your voice – how the judges will listen with their ears since they are “blinded” from looking at you.

I’m not falling for it.

First of all – Who picks the singers who appear on the show?


How do they choose will be allowed to sing?

The one with the “sad story” whose mass appeal will do their best at raising the ratings and tugging at our hearts. They will certainly overlook the boring guy whose voice even makes us straight guy squirm in our pant.

Secondly – They’re (probably the producers) looking at someones appearance first.

Well “he’s not ugly enough” or “she’s doesn’t have enough piercings” or “he looks like he sounds” or “Oooo they look the total opposite of what is coming out of their mouths.”

Next up – The Judges.

Oh Yeah the first thing Cee Lo does is turn around to see how hot she is and then he comments on it too. They all even joke about someone’s looks after. In one example I recall Adam stating he thought one guy was a girl.

Okay so is not’s about looks it’s about the vocals – then why is the appearance of the singer brought up more than casually throughout the entire show.

Blake – I actually like the way he chooses. He reminds me a great father figure who genuinely cares about the people on his team.

Christina – Without a doubt one of the best voices I have experienced in my lifetime. I guess then it’s no big surprise her mouth tends to take over the show and consequently annoys the shit out of me. Hint Christina – the show’s about other singers and not your relentless pursuit of Adam.

TIP: If you’re a guy learning to be cocky – Pay close attention to Adam and Christina’s interactions. If you want smooth confidence with modest humor – don’t take your eyes off of Blake. I just couldn’t resist throwing that in. Enjoy.

Now that I’ve concluded my television politics, otherwise known as what sells the highest priced ads and gets unbeatable rating will ultimately decide who is asked on the show.

What about after the first round? I guess that doesn’t count to only being judged by “your voice.”

Ummm ahem ahem, excuse me, we dress them up, put them on stage to “watch,” the judges “voice” their opinions and make their choices, and this is all done with the assumption how they look has nothing to do with who succeeds. Shall I pile on the sarcasm even more?

Let’s face it, showmanship counts on stage.

I know this from first hand experience.

Even though my chops are better if I can’t sell it to the masses I’m playing for my passion alone and just one or two in the audience who did get me. Or the groupies who wanted me. 😉 Not that I didn’t care because I did. Those few who loved my intense passion or unusual intelligent choices in music were the people I enjoyed playing for the most.

Okay. Okay. I understand it’s not THAT easy to create a show people will watch until the end, at which time the winner is revealed in all his or her glory. ( Which as far as I’m concerned is the fairest assessment of pure vocal talent.)

BUT when you’re judging someone without seeing them for a two-minute song and that’s it – you might as well just call it  “American Idol” with fewer restrictions on profession and age.

Once again television has found just another way to regurgitate a better looking vomit and then try to sell it to us for something it is not – “the only show that judges on vocals alone.”

Come on now.

Marketing has its place but talking down to us is not really good marketing at all. In fact it’s just plain annoying.

Will I watch the show again?

You know I probably will. I absolutely love hearing raw talent sing and yes I’m certainly interested in hearing what Lionel Ritchie and Alanis Morissette have to say.

And how about the number one idol to date – Kelly Clarkson.

Without a doubt she recently belted out one of the best Star Spangled Banners I have ever heard. Did it in a huge stadium too.

Now that’s talent with a voice. ( If you haven’t experienced being on even a small stage just the logistics of singing in an open air stadium is more than lots of great singers can handle. The echoes alone can throw your pitch and timing way off.)

Who am I picking to win? No one yet. I’m kind of hoping Blake and Kelly have managed to pick a great team to run with all the way. But I’m not willing to bet on which team member.

But next time, unless I figure out a way to watch The Voice without having to look,

Maybe I can get my television to turn itself on and then black it out so my eyes don’t get in the way, or how about where my opinion actually does matter the producers – sure guys I’ll be a judge next year. That’s a hint!)

The Voice, unless it changes its format – will not be on my list of things to definitely watch. If I miss it – no problem. There’s always a re-run starring that other famous Peter Griffin.

There you have it.

I told you last post I was introducing more social dynamics to DiaLteG TM. This sort of experiment, which turned into a way to “voice” my opinion, was my personality out there and how when passionately aroused about a subject is primed to use my smart and sometimes smart ass mind to engage you AND women in conversations designed to bring more dynamics to our social world.

This was about using your smart mind to develop the social skills of conversation which create interest, engage opinion, and in turn attracting a more dynamic social life.

We’ll look at the implications or what we can learn from this to attract women at a later time.

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