The Uncensored Thoughts Of A Guy Trying To Succeed With Women ln Our World

Let's take a break from the series on failing with women and step into the mind of a guy trying to be his own version of a ladies man.

The thoughts below are real. You should be able to relate to them. This is what goes on inside our minds as it relates to women, dating, attraction, and life too.

Let me know what think and add your own.

The ending will prove to be useful in becoming a "ladies man" or for modern day sakes, a naturally attractive men with confidence and skills to create long-term attraction.

Here's all the uncensored thoughts of a guy just trying to succeed with women in the real world...

Make sure we look good.

Fresh breath and shiny shoes.

Wouldn't want a misplaced image to destroy our chance at creating attraction, would we?

Okay, how should I approach that "hottie"?

Maybe with a joke, a simple "hello", what... wait... she's not looking at me while we're passing. Great!

Typical bitch? Her eyes suddenly dart down and away to avoid being hit on!!!!

As if I'm going to try to get in her pants in two minutes flat.

Wow... actually, sometimes I really DO wish I was THAT good. But then again, who is?


Moving on... approaching sucks anyways. It's just not fun.

Here's my old friend. She's attractive and she's clearly a woman, I bet she can get women to talk to "her."

I'll wait for her to introduce me to other "hot" girls although I'm not sure she's up on the idea of me hooking up with her friend.

But who cares. She'll get over it.

She had her chance with me. Hahaha!!!

Okay, now how do I talk to her?

Do I flirt with her a lot. Maybe bust her ass. Mmmmm she does look good. Should I compliment her?

NO! I was told not to (at first).

I was "told" to let her wonder.

This conversation is so boring! Must be me. She's too hot to be boring.

Yeah right. I'm sorry - this one's not too bright. Oh well look at that ass! She doesn't seem into me anyways.

Probably not HER type.

Surprise, surprise.

I probably screwed up. I didn't "wow" her. I guess the tiny mistake I made when I forgot the rules and asked her out too early scared her away.

Remember Dummy (smack smack) - it goes - attract - rapport - comfort - then sex.

Yeah that's how it goes...?

But...  then again, Sex WOULD be cool right now, then after we do it I can get to know her better.


I forgot to create attraction AGAIN.

These stinking rules are "Making - me.... thirsty!"

Back to the drawing board.

I'm trying too hard and woman can see right through it.


Seriously I'm not kidding.

Take a guy who's not so good with women and teach him how to fish instead!

Here's how it goes.

You'll need the proper Tess.

Wouldn't want to her get away.

Use different bait for those "different" girls.

What about a Bobber, how would that work, throw it out and see who grabs it?

Maybe I'll "fly fish" and drag my social life along and wait for a hit.

I have to be on 100% all the time. I have to let out the right amount of slack so I can let her swim around a little before I reel in her in.

Will my inner game be strong enough to hold on? Guess I have to "up" my "Inner Tess."

Remember dummy...

It takes Character, Strength, Personality, Charisma, Indifference, got to avoid making those easy mistakes, wouldn't want to offend her, "gotta" be a little cocky, a little fun, a little this, and ALL that, "gotta" make sure I don't come on too quickly or I'll scare her away....

And... now as I'm stuck inside my fucking head and SHIT!!!!!

She grabbed the bait and ran.

Now she's biting on "that dude's" line?

Ouch... now she's nibbling on his ear. WAIT! WHAT? WTF!!!

She only knew him for like twenty freaking seconds!!!!!

Well - duh - if you say the wrong magic words - she won't like you.

If you give her a little she'll take it all and run.

If you give her too much she'll see you as "too easy" or inexperienced, or not worthy of her "bedtime" aerobics.

Why does it feel like I'm fishing from a Balance Beam and all the other women in close proximity are judging my every move, looking for every little reason to reject me, but of course letting me dangle there.

You know... just in case.

Screw it!!! I Give up!!!!

End of the uncensored thoughts of the not-so-naturally attractive man.

Here's something better.

The Words To Remember Today Are...

STOP!  and IT!


Stop it.

Life is NOT fair.

Relationships and dating are anything BUT perfect.

If we walk half a mile and climb a steep mountain just to make sure we're eligible to be chosen it does NOT guarantee we'll find ourselves with the woman we felt the most for that day anyways.

I feel men give way too much into all this and so few of them get anything to show for it too.

Think about what women go through everyday to "attract and marry" the man of her childhood dreams.

Some say it's as simple as "looking good", "being nice", and "walking by at the right time."

But she knows it's not.

She feels something for some guys and nothing for others and it seems the "others" are everywhere but the one guy she wants the most...

Well he's always freaking taken or he's an asshole.

I'm lying, on some days he IS "nice" on other days he just ignores her.

Think about what men go through just to make her believe he's the man of her fantasies.

It's not difficult to learn how to attract but if the next stages don't go right... if the timing's bad, if the competition is not there, if there's no chemistry and connection, or if there's nothing to do today, or she's not taken to the right places, or if it's makes her feel like it's a date, or if...

Well you're getting the point and you should because I've been laying it on pretty thick.

Let me ask you a few questions...

What have you gone through just to get ONE girl?

Did it any of it work?

Do you feel like men have to work much harder to please women than they have to pleasing us guys?

Fair is not in question but the reality of it all actually makes us believe if we don't spend every waking minute on techniques and tactics we're doomed to fail more than succeed.

Is it because women are the choosers and we have no choice?

Is it because she's changes her mind ten times a second?

Seriously... STOP IT!

If you spend all your energy chasing the “uninterested” you will have nothing left to actually learn the powerful concept of how attraction works.

"ATTRACTION Isn't A Choice.

Attraction is an emotional and physical RESPONSE... and you can't "convince" a woman to feel it with logic, gifts, and NICENESS.

Attraction is the result of a woman meeting a man who understands how attraction works... and who knows what to do in each specific situation to progress to the next level.

The PROBLEM with ATTRACTION, and with success with women in general is that the things you need to DO to be successful are NOT OBVIOUS.

They're "counter intuitive", in many cases.

In other words, they're the OPPOSITE of what you'd THINK would make sense.

You have to do things like CREATE TENSION... stop doing something that she likes...give her time to miss you... etc.

And if you don't understand ATTRACTION, a woman is going to KNOW IT."

What Women HATE Most About Single Guys & 7 Reasons Why She Won’t Like You

Get the heck out of your own way.

Get out of your head.

Before you leave the house today try getting dressed in the dark.

I'll do it with you, I promise.

Don't comb your hair - (okay already) you CAN shower.

If you have anything "real" to say to a woman because you like the way she looks, or looked at you...

Say it!

I'm not giving you permission to degrade or use hurtful words but if you want talk about the game last night and how your teams sucks, who cares if she doesn't feel attracted to you because of it.

Whether she cares at all how much you go through, or appreciates the hard work you've done, or how hard you're trying to be someone women want so badly - It will NOT make her feel any more attracted to you.

Stop caring so much about what SHE wants. Stop taking her opinions or feelings so freaking personal!

"One big fear nice guys have is they're afraid offending a woman. They're always worried about saying the wrong thing. They're always worried about making a mistake or doing something which will turn her off or push her away.

They censor so many thoughts their conversations are about as exciting as watching paint dry... at least to women who are not subdued on drugs or might actually BE painters."

If You’re Always Worried She Won’t Like You, Then Stop Trying So Hard

If they appreciate you less because you have a "proverbial" hair out of place... well then all I can say is...

At least for one day, put that hair high up in the sky so everyone can see it clearly, and SHOW IT OFF!!!

Our male minds and bodies are the perfect counterpart to women.

"...That is 14 different ways women would define you as a man, as being the kind of person who provides sexual polarity when he is in front of her.

This is very important, of course, because two neuter creatures cannot attract each other.

And therefore, if you want to attract women, gentlemen, you've got to come off as masculine.

Interestingly enough, the more feminine a woman she is, the more she's going to respond powerfully to masculinity."

Igniting Femininity: 14 Ways Women Define Masculinity - The Preview

Never forget that please.


We all too often suffer from over-thinking and over analyzing.

Sometimes we try so freaking hard we miss the bigger picture and our only one could easily just walk on by unnoticed.

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