How To Create Attraction In 4 Minutes By Watching Ghostbusters

You have probably watched a few movies in your life. You also have (just maybe) thought about copying the lead character because he was so "good" with women but in the back of your head you know it's AND you're mostly right.

You actually can use certain movies and select characters to show you how to attract women. You just need to know the right ones and the right characters to emulate because if you pick the wrong one - you could be fooled into doing things which are not going to help you at all.

Today's lesson is about interacting with a woman to form or create and attraction. The movie is an old one but has a lead character with certain traits women absolutely enjoy.

Bill Murray's funny/cocky attitude from the 1984 movie Ghostbusters is a great example. Watch him specifically in the scene where he begins courting Sigourney Weaver's character.

It's packed with helpful tips. Study it.

At 24 minutes and 5 seconds in Bill enters Sigourney's apartment.

The scene will last to 28 minutes 4 seconds so you're going to learn how to attract a women in 4 minutes flat. Which is very impressive.

First... he "play acts" a James Bond kind of role and we all know how good Bond, James Bond, is with women.

Watch very closely his facial expressions... Fairly slow, confident, and calculated.

A classic style of an experienced attractive guy.

Attractive men take up and own their own space. They move at their own pace confidently and practically every move seems calculated almost like it always  meant to happen.

A big reason this movie is such a great example is because, despite your physical appearance - you can still move and present yourself as an attractive guy.

It's NOT all about how good-looking you are.

Next... clever phrasing.

Notice his choice of words which get her to reveal useful information about herself.

He doesn't blatantly ask her if she's single which is boring and intrusive. Instead he says,

"It's a lot of space. Just you?"

The attractive combination is:


Don't just randomly start asking questions. It's boring and lacks creativity and fun. (Plus by doing it this way you'll find out if she's single in a much more attractive way.)

You don't have to be all that creative but you can come up with clever "conversation starters" which will be more attractive by observing your surroundings first.

You'll get more information and by revealing herself to you in this way does create more attraction than just simply asking her question after question.

Next... Avoid answering her questions directly.

When she asks him a direct question he doesn't even bother answering it directly.

Instead he says,

"It's technical. Just one of our toys."

This requires a little skill and time to learn but it's helpful in creating attraction because it changes the dynamics of the interaction.

Like the last attraction creating tip - you should prefer to avoid being boring and mundane.

Next... Ballsy - Attitude - Being Fearless.

When he enters her apartment he has the balls to go right to her bedroom!

I love it.

She of course mentions how nothing happens in there and he, straight-faced, comes back with a bust ass comment,

"What a crime."

Now what does she do to combat his cockiness, she plays with him a little and tells him he's more like a game show host.

Notice how he won't even acknowledge her rude comment.

He stays straight-faced and does not allow her to get to him.

He must know if he lets her get to him, especially with a comment like that, he loses the game.

That whole scene has a little of everything covered so far and continues below...

Onto the kitchen.

Pay very close attention to how she tries to get him to look in the fridge but he takes his sweet ass time getting there.

She is on HIS time.

Obviously he is going to look in the fridge but again, when he's ready, on his own terms.

When he finally opens the door to the fridge, slowly, he immediately begins to bust her balls about eating junk food.

He doesn't not care or worry about pissing her off.

He sticks firmly to his cocky attitude.

At this point she realizes there is nothing special inside and what she had experienced before was long gone and so she begins to freak out a little and how does he handle her emotional state?

Very calm and unaffected!

He looks right in her eyes and says,

"I don't think you're crazy."

I can not emphasize how important this is because even though he is actually complimenting her, his cocky bust ass attitude up until then leads her to believe he IS joking.

But he's not!

And still he lets her believe it.

After they leave the kitchen he gives a little emotion through his voice tonality with a short story.

He shows a genuine interest in her but he does it in a way that is creative and passionate.

He doesn't just say, "Hey I like you, let's go out."

He tells her this is my life and it seems we are very similar.

"We have a similar problem."

He's making a connection with her.

Of course she fights him a little which is a classic coy response for a woman but don't let that fool you into thinking she's not feeling something for you.

Notice how he then handles her obvious objections.

By saying something which is obviously too absurd to be realistic...

He slowly gets up, looks down, then slowly looks up to her eyes, for that big dramatic effect,

"I am going to go for broke." (another big pause) "I am madly in love with you."

She fights him of course.

In the next few seconds pay very close attention to his cocky attitude and how it turns towards him joking about himself but at the same time he is still being cocky, slightly amusing, and busting on himself all at once.

It's classic and in those last few seconds he says,

"I bet you're going to be thinking about me after I'm gone."

Wrinkles his eyebrow and finishes it with,

"No Kiss?"

Here are a few other little attraction cues he used in this scene:

Notice he doesn't laugh at his own jokes. He may smirk occasionally but that's it.

Notice he doesn't waver when she puts him down. In fact, he doesn't even acknowledge it.

Examine closely the way he's not afraid to piss her off as if he couldn't care less because what he's saying is normally no reason for her to get totally upset with him.

This classic movie scene can easily slip by without ever realizing how much "attraction building" techniques are built into it.

In this case trust the writer knows what he's doing and the director allows Bill to do his own thing so it's as real as it gets.

Bill Murray is definitely NOT the epitome of a movie stud yet his style of dead pan comedy, unwavering confidence, cockiness, charm, and wit certain earns him the right as a guy who CAN attract women.

You can learn a lot from this scene and Bill and see how attraction can created regardless of whether you're tall, dark, and handsome.

Attraction is not always about sweeping a woman off her feet, often it's far from that.

It's the right attitude. The right blend of humor. A little bit of cockiness. A ton of confidence.

It's a conversational thing.

In conclusion:

Movies can be helpful when you want some in-house lessons in attraction although they might be a little difficult for you to integrate them into your life.

However by analyzing and studying certain characters and picking good writers (which is extremely important) you CAN watch some REAL attraction happening and use their techniques too IF you know what to look for.

The usual advice is to just watch guys who are good with women outside of media but that's not always possible so movies can help you there.

Bill's role is a classic example to follow because:

He's cocky/funny.


Exhibits slow and calculated facial expressions.

He can show you what to do when it feels like a woman is insulting you or how to handle it attractively.

He is also a master at conversational skills which are very attractive to women.

Notice how quickly all of it happens and how he easily transitions to getting or asking for a date and how he does it.

The one thing you need to keep in mind is that it might not seem she's attracted to him and you'll often find that is what it's going to feel like to you in the real world but...

It's happening. Trust it is. You're not going to be making out with her in four minutes. To quote another movie jam-packed with attraction techniques - "You're planting a seed. Now LET the seed grow." (It's paraphrased but let me know if you know what movie I'm talking about.)

Today's examples covers body language (facial only), confidence, charm, wit, and conversational techniques and if you get those down - women WILL certainly start forming an attraction towards you.

The technique Bill uses to talk to Sigourney is called cocky/funny and I highly suggest you learn how to do it the right way because if you get it wrong - you're not going to like the results.

You can learn EXACTLY what the skill is in this amazing post written by David DeAngelo:

Cocky Comedy - The Difference Between Being Confident & Acting Like a Jerk

Thanks for stopping by today and I do hope you've learned something about how to create attraction using the techniques listed here and the traits you can easily integrate into your life.

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