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What Does It Really Mean To Only Want To Date Beautiful Women?

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Do you only want to date or sleep with beautiful women?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They say beauty is everywhere if you look hard enough.

They also say as guys, we’re supposed to look past her smoking hot body.

How we must stop using physical attraction as the main criteria for selecting the women we date, chase, want to sex with, actually have sex with, or even masturbate to but that last one doesn’t count unless it’s our wife or girlfriend who is saying it.

We can assume the “they” doing the talking is mainly women and is not reserved to the pretty ones who feel guys only want to have sex with them.

Average or below looking women will say it because they might feel they’re not given a real chance at a great guy because of their looks alone.

How if most men would take the time to look past their exterior they’d find a great woman inside.

I can understand that. I felt terribly ugly and unworthy of “hot” women for so many years I too begged the world to introduce just ONE woman who would look beyond my looks and fall in love or lust with the guy underneath.

I too, felt it was unfair and would eventually leave me a bitter alone man with nothing to show for life but a cleverness in skills which I mastered because I wasn’t getting laid.

Being honest about it all – The only women I actually DID beg to look past my ugliness were either the very same women who complained guys are only into sex OR the physically élite hotties who were off-limits to my sexual advancements.


Maybe that makes me a pig.

Maybe it makes me a bad guy.

Maybe it makes me normal – although that’s highly doubtful because everywhere I look, I see average looking guys with average looking women.

I see the not so perfect women with the not so perfect guys…

And some of them are actually happy. Relatively speaking of course.

Does it really make me different because all my life I’ve only fell for women who I found highly attractive to ME?

Not to some other guy.

My standards compared to them might seem a little high.

To them or others they will say I’m expecting too much.

To some other guys my definition of beauty is definitely different.

But I’m not unreasonable.

I don’t want a perfect body lacking of flaws.

“If sex is our ONLY goal, we’re giving her all the power to reject us OR she’s going to make us work REAL hard for it.”Is The Game of Sexual Attraction a Level Playing Field for Both Sexes?

I’m not aiming for perfection in mind and body.

It’s just I WANT to be sexually attracted to her more than (other) women.

Enough that when I tell her she’s beautiful, enough for when we’re having sex, enough to be completely honest to her about how I feel about her.

I can not and will NEVER be able to lie to a woman just to make her happy about her looks.

It’s understandable that looks fade but I’ve also noticed aging together changes our perception. Maturing with a woman doesn’t all of a sudden leave us feeling less attracted to her.

All in all… YES!

Looks do come first with me.

Whether I’m the only guy who works that way or if that makes me different, I have no idea.

Attraction IS a perception beginning with an instinctual need to continue a piece of ourselves and that’s undeniable.

There is nothing wrong with a guy wanting to be with someone who he finds attractive first and foremost…. But there’s definitely something wrong with a guy who has to spend his life propping his woman up or lying about how he “really” feels because he’s not feeling it and “settled” with someone or the only one he felt would have him.

The problem is when “others” assume it’s ALL we want and when others assume it’s perfection(al) beauty we seek when it’s not.

There must ALWAYS be something more for something more to happen.

The most beautiful one in the world (if any group could agree to what that would be) can be the ugliest person alive without something real and loving inside.

“…All she wants is for you to chase her and feed her Ego…”Do You Have The Balls To Blow That Hot Girl Off and Should You?

We ALL mostly agree idiots, bigots, people who lack a healthy dose of empathy, constant negativity, or a superior sense of self over others denies the “beautiful people” a label they don’t deserve AND as far as sex goes, sleeping with someone like that is NOT a pleasurable experience.

It’s not and never will be worth even the smallest effort.

Yet.. I see the good in others so to actually find those “types” of people is extremely difficult in my world.

Perhaps your world is different because I know in some parts, you’re going to find it prevalent based on the deprecation and inequality found there.

Back to some point here…

Attraction is NOT skin deep.

I’m not defending myself or my choices or my actions.

A huge part of me actually believes my high standards of beauty and beyond means something very clear to the woman I choose to search for more:

The undeniable fact that when I say she’s the hottest women in the world, when I tell her how much she turns me on, when I let her know what she does to me, how she makes me feel, mind, body, and soul: I mean every word of it.

It’s NOT a curse to NOT be capable of lying to a woman just to get laid.

If that means my sex life or girlfriend life suffers a little or goes through some down time while my search goes on, so be it.

If that means some will scorn me or accuse me of being a shallow seeker, so be it.

If that means more than a handful of women will never try (with me) because THEY think I want perfection or couldn’t find them beautiful, well that sucks and I know how they feel from my past, but again, so be it.

If that makes it appear to some that I’m all about sex and nothing else and how I’m only ever out there to get my “dick wet” – well they’re just plain wrong because again…

I feel incapable of lying to a woman JUST to get laid.

My pattern is the same and has always been the same.

I seek a strong physical attraction which varies and is not defined by one body type, one face, one shape, or absolute perfection AND is heightened by who she is underneath those pretty and deeply sexy eyes.

After that… well it’s NOT always crystal clear WHAT must come next…

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  • Marylane Marchuk

    Happy New Year Pete
    I absolutely love your honesty and frankness. Why does every person take every word peronal? Looks come from an individuals “everything “and how that “everything ” connects to said person!
    Your eloquent and truthful. Perhaps the naysayers have never truly connected on this level…
    sincerely Marylane

    • Happy New Year Marylane and thank you. Extremely glad you enjoyed it.

      Sincerely, Pete 🙂

  • KiKee

    I am crushed beyond anything after reading this! Its article’s like this that drive woman to have eating disorders and low self esteem! We live in a world where men only want a size 0 and say screw the rest. Unless you’re flawless or beautiful, your not worth our time. I’ve felt the harshness of how men view women and I’m overcoming an eating disorder because of it. You said I wasn’t pretty or thin enough, so I provide you wrong.

    We girls are like flowers and need both love and protection, but you guy cut us back to find the perfect one. WERE ALL PERFECT!

    • I hear you KiKee but this is not really just a woman thing since so many men think woman are only into rock-solid abs and hot guys too. Therefore lots of men will feel exactly the same way you do.

      Yes, so many societies will project this problem more on women than men. That I will agree with but I still don’t think it’s an inherently female problem. Just advertised more.

      YET you seem to have missed some important points I made which will be stated again:

      “I don’t want a perfect body lacking of flaws.

      I’m not aiming for perfection in mind and body.

      It’s just I WANT to be sexually attracted to her more than (other) women. Enough that when I tell her she’s beautiful, enough for when we’re having sex, enough to be completely honest to her about how I feel about her.”

      I don’t recall stating once, “Unless you’re flawless or beautiful, your not worth our time.”

      And from what I know of men, there’s no definitive definition of a beautiful woman. Only what the “media” throws at us seems to be consistent. They tend to feed the masses what the “average” person find attractive.

      Still – love the opinion – love the passion. ALWAYS willing to hear both sides,


      p.s. Happy new year. 🙂

      One more thing: I honestly believe no one is perfect in the traditional sense of what perfect is. We’re all perfect in the moment in which we live in but since perfection is a feeling, striving for perfection or to feel something in the “future” is utterly impossible. Something a great guy named Sean Stephenson showed me who you have to see and hear to get the full effect of what I’m talking about.

      I couldn’t find his actual talk about perfection but this video is still great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaRO5-V1uK0

      I’m far from perfect. Glad I’m not. Perfection is probably boring anyways. 😀

    • isabeky

      Hey your eating disorder has nothing to do with what men do or say. Please look into Gut & Psychology Syndrome. This info saved my. Literally! Your eating disorder is a result of damaged gut flora. The ecology of micro organisms living inside you are out of balance & your eating disorder will be the Least of your health worries if you don’t heal& seal the gut lining. ASAP. In a world where everyone is encouraged to be dependent, entitled victims with “safe zones” there is a lot of power&freedom in taking control of your own body & your health. No excuses. I hope GAPS diet can help u as much as it did for me.

  • Angela

    In a world where people are attacked whenever they say something politically incorrect, I applaud your honesty and courage! At no point did I notice you saying that someone has to be a size zero for you to be attracted to them, I might add. One thing I would add to your commentary though, is that attitude can make all the difference in the world when it comes to being physically attracted to someone. I know that for me, I may not give someone a second look from simple appearance, but after talking to them or making basic physical contact, everything changes (in my perception of them). At the same time, everybody’s idea of beautiful is different and I’m a firm believer that there’s somebody for everybody. As a side note, in my younger days, I was one of the girls that got chased a lot simply because of appearance and I can honestly say that I hated it! I had very little trust for guys because I always felt like they weren’t actually interested in me, just the bragging rights that apparently went with going out with me. I also had several times when a guy (often a stranger) got very nasty if I didn’t play along with his plans. As for friends, most girls my age hated me because they were jealous of the unwanted attention I got. So the bottom line is, no matter what side of the fence you’re on, the whole dating game is hard for everyone but ultimately we all want the same thing – to find someone we can be happy with.

    • Thanks for sharing Angela. I accept your applaud. 🙂

      Men should pay close attention to what you wrote, “may not give someone a second look from simple appearance, but after talking to them or making basic physical contact, everything changes”. It’s kind of what (we) are trying to teach guys.

      In “my” younger years, what you wrote after was the main reason I never made a move on a beautiful woman. I didn’t want her to think I was someone that just wanted her body, always wanted more. I didn’t want her to see me as one of those other guys. Luckily, I’ve learned I can still do the who approach thing and even make a move on her while still being a good guy. I also would chase the ones away who didn’t want me but managed to give me half a chance. Haha!

      Yeah, it’s all tough… but I’m much better now. 😀

      So… which is it, you’re not being chased anymore, or have you just learned how to “bat” them away more efficiently? 🙂

  • Two Cents

    Hi Peter,
    The negative backlash on this article, which was both true not specific to guys, many women also concentrate on looks alone. Might have been avoided if you had defined your terms. Specifically what beauty is in your view. You somewhat covered that definition but not very clearly.
    All in all a good article. As such please don’t be offended by me adding my two cents.

    • Hi Two Cents,

      Too late. Already approved your rude comment. 😀 Bwahahaa!!!

      Actually you should already know it’s extremely difficult to offend me AND honestly I don’t think your and the others comments were rude at all.

      I agree, many women also concentrate on looks. But as I stated above, it’s what I look for BUT there always need to be something more, for something more to happen. I mean sex alone might happen but not much else.

      I didn’t define beauty because it varies and it not so clearly defined as it might seem. Plus what other guys find beautiful might not match mine. There are certain parts I’m instantly attracted to but they’re not consistent from woman to woman. They tend to change from woman to woman and from personality to personality.

      There might be a way to describe certain features I find oddly attractive but that wouldn’t define beauty exactly. For example, I’m absolutely always attracted to an under-bite on a woman. Can’t explain it but I find it absolutely adorable. Not your typical thing there. HAHA!

      I’ll work on my definition of beauty for you but might take some time.

      Thanks for your two cents. 🙂

      • Two Cents

        Thank you Peter,
        I wanted you to show that despite the fact that you are opinionated and extraordinarily direct, that you really do prefer a freshwater pearl over a perfectly matched necklace. To define my terms a freshwater pearl is usually mishappen and flawed, yet I prefer them over the more expensive perfectly shaped jewellers pearls. I wanted proof you felt the same.
        Thanks again,
        A Princess

  • Angelica

    I’m that hot girl all guys hit on, work, pubs, store, events, etc.. I find the attention annoying most times because I just want to enjoy my day without some guys trying to distract me. It gets old. When I do see it, I have learned to ignore it at this point. What I can say is that I’m not just attracted to hot guys (tall, muscular, blue-eyed blondes) sometimes it’s an average looking guy’s smile, his quirks, the eye glasses he wears, the way he says “thank you”, his kindness, his ability to make me laugh, his intelligence, his nerdy ways. All these things attract me to any guy who possess these things in an exceptional way. And it makes him super sexy to me.

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