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What Parts Of A Man’s Body Instinctively Attracts Women?

in Attraction, Understanding Women
How you walk, how you move, how all your body parts connect to create a strong sexual energy women respond to.

If you want answers about what women are looking at or what attracts them physically, then I would be more than happy to share them with you.

I’ve done tons of research in the field and also through some online surveys.

I’ve studied the body language of others in every public place you can think of.

I have also given myself many makeovers of my looks and taken note on how women respond.

For those reasons, (and many more) I feel I’ve become not only highly knowledgeable in this area but I have used what I know to enjoy some truly fun and amazing success.

I believe you can also use what I know to help you attract more women because the ONE area that creates this “instant attraction” in women is one of the easiest parts you can work on.

First let’s get this out of the way…

A man’s eyes and his smile are the first thing a “single” woman will notice on you but that alone may not create an instant sub-conscious attraction.

I say ‘single’ because I’ve found married women or women with long-term boyfriends might first consciously notice your butt, your hands or the way you walk.

I believe (and this is just a theory for now)  a woman who is committed will connect physically with you when she knows she will never sleep with you anyways.

Now Let’s imagine you’re out having a good time and a woman decides to check you out.

Maybe she’s just trying to get your attention so you’ll approach her or she is just a little curious about you.

How will she do this?

She will glance over and make eye contact with you then gaze down to see if you smile back at her. That is what a woman does mostly consciously. I would not suggest you give her any reason to believe you’re not a confident guy.

Subconsciously, to attract her or get her a little turned on it’s actually your body language which will cause her to respond sexually.

Her eyes are her way of trying to make a connection with you but your “body language” is what she will most likely respond positively to.

Let’s break down attraction into two parts:

  1. How she feels during the conversation. Your personality. Etc… This is a gradual attraction.
  2. Her sexual urges towards you. This is instant attraction. This is what makes her legs move, her heart race, and in some cases her nipples stand up at attention for you.

If you want to create “instant attraction” your hips/groin area is the most effective and this is the part of your body which can easily trigger her instincts as a female.

Your sexual energy start with your feet, legs, butt, and runs up the rest of your body…here’s how:

  • How you walk at ease and free of unnatural movement represents a calm excitement.
  • How you hold yourself represents confidence and strength.
  • How you move shows her your freedom and a lack of negativity. ( If you feel like shit and the world is getting to you, it will come out in your walk. )
  • Your swagger represents how your hips move like a real man. A man who is sexually dominant.
  • Your presence is your overall “gift” to the world of women. If you have no sexual presence you will not create instant attraction.
  • Your posture is telling her how effective your gene’s are.

For a woman to want you sexually ( at least short-term ) she will take in your entire body as a representation of how well your gene’s have been at creating a body which can easily reproduce
offspring who have the best ability to survive.

It’s only natural and this is why it is called “natural selection.”

Your body parts will connect with each other to form a sexually attractive man. Barring any mental blocking on your part because yes – your mind does play an integral part of your body and must never be dismissed as useless. You can read here how your mind destroys attraction: Having A Victim Mentality Is Blocking Your Ability To Attract Her.

This ( your body parts ) happens because it taps into a woman’s instinctive urges she’s acquired over years of evolution.

Sure some women say they love a good chest on a guy or big strong arms but remember that is what they are saying. That is her conscious decision based on how she feels.

Her instinct or reaction to your body language is what matters here.

You “create her sexual body language” because she’s responding to yours.

So if your body language is strong and shows interest in her, then her body language is going to follow yours and reflect signs of interest in you.

If your face is engaged – you’re smiling and your eyes are focused in on her eyes – and you are paying real attention to her, then her body language will follow yours.

How and Why Creating Her Body Language Makes You The Leader She Wants.

I’ll say it again so you don’t ever forget.

Your hips and groin area and how it connects with your body to create smooth and relaxed movements causes her instinct or reaction to your sexual body language… And in turn ignites her own sexual response to you.

That can happen in the blink of an eye and it’s up to you to do the rest right to amplify the attraction and keep it going.

Typically with your personality, your communication skills, and at the very least a competent knowledge of how to sexually escalate.

I’ve found the incredible part of all this is, your sexual energy, and how your body moves is the easiest, quickest method to learn how to create attraction in ANY woman alive.

Let’s be honest here.

Your conversational skills take time and practice.

Courtship varies and is dependent on so many outside factors.

And your “sexual confidence” …. well you might have to earn ALL of that BUT…

Your “animistic” energy can be increased in the bathroom in just a few minutes with a few simple exercises.

She’s going to get your attention by noticing your eyes, face, and smile BUT her subconscious mind is checking out your groin your hips, your butt, your walk, your posture, your movement, and your package!

Work on your entire “package” and you’ll notice an almost instant shift in how woman can and will see you as a sexy guy.

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  • srikanth

    Howvto improve walking to attract women as i feel my walking looks like going like jumping with legs and waving hands and not erect in posture

    • Since walking is such a natural thing to do, if you’re having trouble developing a more relaxed sexy walk…

      1. Watch others who are good at it. Notice the subtle details. Notice the free-ness of it. Notice how their are no hang ups, staggers, stutters, or unusual “ticks”.

      2. Allow your mind to take it all in and it will try to “copy” it without any “trying” on your part.

      3. Do exercises which free or reduce your stress in your life and the stress on your body parts. The goal in part is to relax practically every muscle in your body so it’s free to do what it does best. Remember this is physical AND mental work.

      4. Train your core body parts, the ones mentioned in the post BUT refrain from doing exercises which take you out of a natural state your body is in. That means things like no hunched over exercises which tends to destroy other parts of your body especially your back, knees, neck, and feet.

      Give it some time to “work” its magic and I’m sure you’ll soon develop the walk you were naturally born with.

      Also read the next post because it’s about walking. 🙂


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