When She Knows She Can Have You Anytime She Wants, You Won’t Get Her!

"Reason for Failing with Women #36 -  She Knew She Could Have You Anytime She Wanted - You Lack Setting A Pace - You Move Too Quickly - You Chase Women The Wrong Way."

There are guys who play hard to get and there are guys who ARE hard to get. Not all women can tell the difference until it's too late for her but a very large percentage will always opt for a guy who is... tough to get anyways.

If she knows she can have you whenever she wants, your supply goes up, her demand goes down, and she'll look elsewhere rather quickly. You'll, as this series has been written, fail with lots of women because of it.

Here's the thing with this unfortunate reason making it so difficult for guys to overcome or understand how to fix it...

You are BORN to pursue women. It's hardwired into you. It' ingrained into our mating ritual.

The good news is that there's a semantic difference between CHASING and PURSUING a woman. Once you learn and recognize it, you can then begin to do the better more attractive one which is to pursue a woman in a way which creates her attraction without her feeling like she being chased.

Remember this first: You WANT to be HARD TO GET!

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Challenge Her Mind and Her Body Will Follow

Now let's put this whole chasing women thing in perspective because it's often confuses lots of guys and when that happens they tend to get it all wrong.

You want to pursue women and not chase them.

You want to BE hard to get and not PLAY hard to get.

In both ways, one is highly more attractive than the other.

Note the differences below. Yes, it is slightly semantic but it's very important to live by one and not other despite the close real meaning.

The difference between chasing a woman and pursuing her.

When you chase a woman, you act like she's the prize.

When you pursue a woman you both become a REAL prize to each other.

When you chase a woman, you act and are needy and desperate. Women will not feel much for you and some will actually run from you.

When you pursue a woman it brings out her natural femininity. This shows and constantly reminds her of your masculinity.

When you chase a woman, you make her an agenda. She'll feel like an objective trophy. Something to leave behind once the challenge is met.

When you pursue a woman the agenda shifts to the natural mating process of two people. Which means the goal is to connect and get together for an extended period of time.

When you chase woman, you give up your power in exchange for her approval because your supply goes up and her demand of you goes down.

When you pursue a woman, it's not a power struggle or game. Nothing is exchanged except for information and flirty fun.

When you chase a woman, you call or text her constantly hoping she'll give in and finally like you the way you like her.

When you pursue a woman, you're doing your own thing, she's doing her own. You plan according to your schedules, individuality, and freedom.

When you chase a woman you make her feel like an object.

When you pursue her you make her feel desired!

The difference between playing hard to get and being hard to get.

When you play hard to get, it's a game where there is often a winner and a loser.

When you are hard to get the game exists to better each other attraction. It becomes a never-ending fun process.

When you play hard to get, you strategize and plan things based on hopeful reactions from the person you're "going" up against.

When you are hard to get there's no strategy or weird plan. The reactions you get are genuine based on your personality. Being this way elicits responses according to how attraction naturally works.

When you're playing hard to get, you pretend to "sometimes" be interested in her mind and sometimes in her body.

When are you are hard to get you show genuine interest in her mind and body. There's no hiding it. You have fun and respect both with no worry of her seeing you're into her.

When you play hard to get, you FAIL to qualify a woman to match your needs and future requirements of a great healthy fun loving partner.

When you are hard to get you qualify every potential partner attractively. This happens naturally and becomes a highly attractive part of you.

When you play hard to get, you communicate nothing but a desire to PLAY a game where the rules are written for your benefit only.

When you are hard to get you communicate a value and belief in yourself that is above playing games and therefore is respected and valued by others.

Finishing it all up...

Remember you are the male, she is the female. You are both born to compliment each other in such a way where attraction is naturally created.

There's no need to PLAY or CHASE.

BE hard to get.


This blueprint has been in place for a very long time and it works so use it to your advantage.

BE her perfect counterpart in the masculine and feminine ends of the human race.

Eliminating this "reason for failing with women" is easy.

Set a reasonable pace for you and her to move forward if it's all good. Be patient.

Take your time.

Don't act like you want her attention.


And did I mention that you need to RE Don't act like you want her attention.


Did you hear the story about the old bull and the young bull standing on the hill?

The young bull says, "Hey, let's RUN down there and have sex with one of them cows!"

Old bull looks at him and says, "Let's WALK down there and have sex with ALL of them."

How Women Interpret What You Say

Understand and admit the semantic differences between chasing, pursuing, and the hard to get stuff above and you'll get it.

Thanks - we'll talk soon.

Woman Rejecting Guy Kiss

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