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Where Following The Twitter “Hot Chics” Leads Us, Remains To Be Seen

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Follow Twitter Hot Women

The last few weeks I’ve rummaged through the world of Twitter (@peterwhite125 – that’s my spot) and as I’m sure many of you have also noticed how many freaking “hot chic” accounts are popping up everywhere.

Some profiles are real. Some are not.

Some are so obviously painful to look at and others, well I will admit there are no shortages of beautiful women showing off as much skin as they can.

I won’t succumb to judgement or ponder the belief the “real hottie” ones seem to be typical bitch fests about their lives, their relationships with the man (or men) who broke their hearts recently, or that they’re attention seekers who put a ticker on their followers.

Well maybe a little judgment since I just did make some kind of statement on the patterns I saw.

What cracks me up the most is perhaps the desperation of guys who actually believe “they” are going to get laid through their Twitter account and it takes all types.

The “haters” sending nasty shit and giving them the riot act – pretending they wouldn’t sleep with them when we know the truth.

The “lovers” or more appropriately the “ass kissers” who empathize with everything the girls tweets about men and go along with every statement she makes about how “I just want someone to treat me nice and lay around watching movies together.”

These “lovers” actually believing the nicer they are to her the more chance they’ll be the one laying next to her fake twitter bed in cyberspace.

Chances are the haters are getting way more attention from those women because at least they make them feel something (although it’s probably hatred) which does more for attraction than agreeing with a woman’s desperation hoping “that” will get you laid.

Sure it’s okay to have empathy when it’s a genuine feeling but let’s be honest now, when a woman feels like her “man world” has crumbled around her and she’s at her lowest relationship point – agreeing or reinforcing the negative she’s experiencing is not doing her any good. Let alone believing she’s going cyber fuck you because when you think about, you’re actually putting her down.

Okay… this is NOT about those accounts exactly as it appears. I’ll leave that to the few observational rants above and let it stay there for now. 🙂


This is about something a little different. Something a little more difficult to put into words.

My conclusion is this.

Life and all its good or bad shit doesn’t just come out and grab us.

We are generally responsible for what we see.

It’s not that I’ve noticed those hot chic accounts (although Twitter is designed in part to give us more of what we’ve searched for or looking at), it’s because I am responsible for what I choose to see and follow.

I love looking at attractive women.

A part of me wants to fall in the middle of the lover or hater role and finding that balance is something so difficult to do successfully I’m more than intrigued by it.

The relationships between men and women has always been and will always be a curiosity (or engagement I’ll never tire of), from writing sappy love songs growing up to actually having a strange ability to teach men and women “how to hook up”. Where that gift comes from who the hell knows. 😀

The somewhat not so absolute fact remains that I’ve noticed it lately because it’s what I’ve chosen to see (and follow) the past few weeks.

It’s no different from unconsciously seeing the negative or positive and then consciously following the trail to wherever it leads us.

If I was interested in something else even so remote or lame as pretty rainbow pictures or dancing bears then this post might be about how I’ve noticed a surge of lame photos or a joyous grasp of up and coming photographers who catch the bears in the act of dancing.

See the difference?

It’s not always what we’re searching for and it’s not always where that search leads us.

The larger part seems to point to how (and in what way) we interpret what we see based on how we generally see the positive or negative or combination of it which sends us along our path.

So it’s not that I like to watch the reality show of hotter women talking about what they’re doing every five minutes because honestly, I couldn’t care less and find it mind numbing and boring…

Our path, or journey to more success in this area, is driven by what we see and how we interpret what we see because it leads us to the path of least resistance or the way of most resistance to help us feel better about failing or make us feel less responsible for our failures.

The “lovers” of the world are not inherently positive people.

The “haters” of the world are not necessarily evil and hell-bent on world domination.

They both have “selective sight” and based on their current selection follow to an easier or harder path based once again, on their positive or negative view of themselves.

My current personal “selective sight” has driven my most recent desires to bed the most beautiful and seemingly hard to attain women and sure following the negative or positive path has led me somewhere – specifically to study the mostly mundane life of the “Twitter Hottie”…


Inevitably I can see where “that” will lead me in the future will come down to how I feel about myself doing, or following, or the belief in myself, which will ultimately determine the next step.

Whether that’s agreeably success or failure remains to be seen. 😉

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