Why Did You Show Up For Your Date In A Dirty, Disgusting & Smelly Car?

"Reason for failing with women #25 - Your Car Was Disgusting On The Inside - You're A Slob With Little Regard Or Care To Ever Take Charge and Control In Your Life."

You did all the work and got a date with her. Cool... But then why did you pick her up with a dirty car littered with trash? It's inexcusable!

Your messy car is one thing and hopefully you know it's certainly a valid reason why a woman won't accept a second date, or give you even chance when she sees it...

But not caring about it is something entirely different and learning the reason why you don't want to fix it must be looked at more closely...

Your unwillingness to make even the smallest effort to do something about it.

  • Are you self-sabotaging yourself?

This is very common. When we don't feel good enough about ourselves we often find ways to make sure we don't succeed.

It's hard to tell that we're even doing it because they remain small and hidden from our view - as it not showing up in a clean car.

Since this post isn't about building your self-esteem or convincing you that you're worthy and deserving of a great woman, I'd start reading some of Scot McKay's articles I have posted up here just for you. He can definitely inspire you get you were you need to be.

  • Do you believe she shouldn't care? After all, it's just a ride, right?

I don't know about you, but I certainly would prefer a woman who actually DOES CARE.

Women are great at nurturing and caring is a big piece of all that nourishing they can do for us.

Caring about the little things goes a long way down the road so let her give you a chance.

  • Do you find yourself so wrapped up and focused on other things in your life, that you don't pay attention enough?

Hey, I hear you. Life is busy. We only have  so much time in the day to get everything done and the car, well... it's not that important.

Yes, you're absolutely right BUT ... You're going on a date!

Which means putting on some fresh clothes and preparing and your automobile becomes an extension of yourself and who you want showing up for that date.

So take the little bit of extra time and in the very least, make it presentable and an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to be in with you.


If I have missed your reason for not showing up in a clean car so it's your turn. I can't and won't do all the work for you:

Figure it out and figure it out quickly because not doing something about it will ALWAYS destroy your chances with lots of women.

When you open the door for her you instantly give her a glimpse of life would be like with you.

When this attitude or "life choice" is seen by women it clearly shows them  that you choose not take care of some of the things you value in your life and gives them an awful view of what a future with you would be.

If you're unwilling to do the small things and make some kind of effort, then they'll assume you'll treat them (and/or) a future family in the same way.

The dirty car itself appears small and trivial but think about it, how many people do you know have a messy car or office, yet their apartment is impeccable and their hygiene is clean?

It just doesn't happen.

Don't let something like this stand in your way. It's just too easy to fix.

Okay, I'm not suggesting or even care that you detail every inch of your vehicle. I'm not asking for 100% perfection.

I'm not even going to tell you how to clean and keep your car clean.

You're a dude, you'll figure it out.

Here's my affiliate link to Amazon to help you find the tools you might need for both of our benefits. 

Trust me... when it's all done:

You'll feel better.

You'll probably get sick less.
You'll be more likely to invite others back to your place or into your car.

You'll feel accomplished and value yourself more.

You'll actually feel like you have more control of your life.

Once it's done it all become easy to maintain so that's a plus too.


You'll show women quite clearly you have a great handle on life and that she'd be foolish to not want to be a part of it with you.

1. Arrive in a car full of junk

This should be a no-brainer, and yet it happens again and again.

I remember a date whose steering wheel was spattered with what looked like dry white paint. The guy explained that it was because every time he drank milk, he sneezed.


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