Why Do Some Chics Think Because She’s Hot, Guys Only Want Sex From Her

A note from me, Peter White: This is one of the many articles I wrote on a website I closed down due overload of work titled: "Why Do Chics...?" It was opened in response to Why Do Guys...? I wanted to level the playing field and give both sides a say in these matters of the heart.

This is NOT an invitation to say nasty things about women.

You can read below how topics or lessons like this and more can actually make you a more attractive man AND offer you a real opportunity to stop putting the women you're attracted to off the pedestal YOU put her OR the one she puts herself on too.

If you're interested in talking about "why do chics" then please join my Facebook group, grow it, and we'll all learn a little something.

Now let's get on with it...

Have you ever casually glanced or checked out a "Chic" and thought, sure she's hot - but then she gives you that stare back and immediately you knew what she was thinking...

That you want to get in her pants!

Oh no - we're undressing her with our eyes. Shame on us. We only have sex on our minds and that day, she's the object of our desires.

We're poor pathetic men who can only think with our dicks.

Yes, it's understandable that sex may be an option but this goes much deeper, doesn't it?

We're talking about a woman thinking or believing JUST because she's attractive (hot, wears skimpy clothing, shows some skin) that we automatically want to sleep with her so we get the "attitude" back ten times our glance.

This attitude usually depends on the moment and the dude doing it. Meaning if it was some supposedly hot dude she'd react all squirmy and probably be blushing or do something stupid like walk into a wall.

It also depends on if she likes the attention or "pretends" to not like it when "we know" she does, but she would never admit it to anyone including herself.

Matters get much worse when we start talking to her and she's already assuming (since she's the hottest thing on the planet) we could have no other plan but to throw her down for a quick lay.

She can not possibly see us having anything else on our minds than even just a simple conversation which was actually our intention. You know, to get to know her.

She couldn't even remotely realize how our sexual desires could quickly be overruled because sometimes when we DO start talking to her - she's turned out to be a total bitch... Ouch!

Okay, I get it. I'm not into female bashing but this MUST be said - just because she's hot, doesn't give her the right to assume we're (us guys) are ONLY looking for sex.

She doesn't like to be objectified BUT neither do us guys.

Let's be totally honest - sex is ALWAYS an option. It's kind of what makes the world go round and round and up and down (Depending on your favorite sexual position and the condition of your bed).

But that option goes both ways.

Men and women alike BOTH think about it... a lot.

Sure it's a problem when sex becomes the main focus or goal of any guy but I'm more than happy to say that MOST men just want a nice cool chic to date, marry, or be his girlfriend.

They'll take the sex of course but it's NOT the main driving force of their entire lives.

Let's do the science and find out how often men are actually thinking about sex.

Recent experiments revealed something very interesting about men and how often they think about sex. Please read the entire report before you draw any kind of real conclusion because there are variables in place which must be taken into account:

"We found that the median number of sexual thoughts for men was 18.6 and for women it was 9.9. In contrast, the average for men was 34.2 and for women it was 18.6. Statistical tests indicated that the number of thoughts about sex was not statistically larger than the number of thoughts about food and sleep.

Men had more thoughts about all three of those areas than did women.

These findings paint a rather different picture of men than does the urban legend of thinking about sex many times per minute.

The typical men in this sample were thinking about sex once or twice an hour, and statistically no more and no less than they were thinking about eating or sleeping."

How Often Do Men and Women Think about Sex?

The experiment clearly notes that yes, some guys think about sex more than some women, but also some women think about sex more than some guys.

It also states very clearly that men had more thoughts on all three items - sex, food, and sleeping and they were generally equal.

Hmmmm maybe when a chic thinks some guy is undressing her with his eyes he's actually thinking,

"Shit I'm fucking hungry AND I didn't get any sleep last night."

The study unfortunately doesn't distinguish between the guys who get laid regularly (or have a wife or girlfriend) and the typical sexually deprived dude. AND the experiment was done on college people who - surprise surprise, think about sex, food, and sleep a lot because so of it may be hard to  come by while in school.

We all know the longer you go without it, the more you think about it.

Just like food and sleep.

Add to that some chic showing off her body and of course you would expect the deprived man to at least think about it more often.

Onward once again...

What's my REAL problem with a chic thinking or believing just because she's attractive EVERY guy just wants to get in her pants?

The annoying part is her attitude, her objectification, her wrong assumptions, her disbelief that her problems of beauty stop guys from seeing her as a person when she couldn't be more wrong.

Sure it happens. Guys will stare and check her out. It's kind of our thing but I know for a fact women do it to guys and they certainly stare at other women too.

Another problem is that guys are scared shit-less of approaching a woman and this is one BIG reason among many other of course. Once it happens to them once or more and it's seen too - makes just starting a conversation similar to jumping in a bath of cold water on a freezing day.

Let us say... to settle these matters once and for all:

Trying to start a conversation does in no way imply we only want sex just because of the way she looks.

This is about her inability to see the bigger picture because she's so wrapped up in her "beauty bubble" she can not see outside of it giving her lots of wrong assumptions that the end goal of all men is to use her for sex and nothing more.

Her misguided thinking that just because she's hot or sexy or whatever that ALL guys who she's doesn't want only her see as a body, and the only man or guys she wants won't even give her the time of day.


I can sort of get where she's coming from so this is the:

WHY part - why do some chics actually think this way?

Because they might believe their beauty is a curse.

As if being or feeling ugly is any better, right?

How it may grant them certain rights over men which in no way validates their worth as a real person.

The mere thought of not being able to go anywhere without being "checked out" destroys any hope they have for privacy or for finding a man who is more interested in her and not her body.

As if they're some actual celebrity or believe they are treated like one.

The pressure of having to live up to the expectations of beauty and maintain their looks under any and all circumstances.

The feelings other women (or men) might hate them just because of how they look. Jealousy can create bad emotions on both sides.

How she feels like no matter where she goes, some dude is going to hit on her and try to pick her up; and that guy can be anyone from some young "punk" to her best friends creepy Grandfather or worse... Grandmother. Yeah - EWWW!

I'm positive that's just a few reasons why a chic might develop an attitude problem on this highly debatable subject matter.

I hope you can clearly see, I'm not against the plight or problems of the beautiful.

I also agree, can see, AND understand how certain guys act around women they might be so inclined to think that ALL guys want to get in their pants but...

That in no way excuses the bad attitude and looks back or the prejudice towards the "average dude" who may (or may not) only wanted to get to know her.

Similar to how some woman wouldn't want men to assume that just some woman is checking him out in his expensive care that SHE only wants to use him for his money.

It goes both ways.

We don't all want to get in your pants.

Some of us don't even find you attractive no matter how you dress or look. Every guy sees things a little differently.

We're not all into hot bods with no brains who can suck the rust of a tailpipe.

We're not thinking about sex 24/7. Some of us get it and enjoy it enough to actually not have it run our lives.

If you don't want to be objectified than just maybe you should stop doing it to us AND stop making snap judgments about us dudes and our sexual drives.

We want the same things most normal well-adjusted humans want and to each its own on that thing.

Just because you're hot, sexy, beautiful, dressed up, showing some skin, stripping on stage (okay that last one might not count here) doesn't mean we all just want to fuck you...


What's the lesson taught today which can make you a more naturally attractive man?

First lesson:

The women mentioned in this article are far and few between. This is NOT an ALL statement. The majority of woman don't act like this which means:

Don't fear the approach. Don't prejudge her.

We're asking THEM to not do it to you, so do NOT do it to them.

Regardless of how it feels, your past experience, or what your brain has conditioned you to feel...

Starting a simple "get to know you" conversation with a woman is never more than just that - opening and exploring an opportunity to get to know "someone" better.

How does this lesson make you more attractive?

Courage and Confidence.

Two attractive traits which are clearly shown when you're not afraid to approach women.

Follow the links above for help.

Second lesson:

Attractive or not - women share the same experience with guys BUT the more physically beautiful ones have a unique set of problems which as a guy - IF you want to date her or 'them" you must know, understand, and learn how to get past them without getting angry and all butt-hurt when you get the "attitude".

If you must - let it out, get it out, like I have today and LET IT GO!

That's what the comment section below is for or join the facebook group where it can be privately shared.

How does this lesson make you a more naturally attractive man?

Practicing and learning self-control and ridding yourself of limited beliefs, undue anger, and negativity.

I can guarantee you don't care to spend your time with women who have those traits abound and the same applies to you.

Third lesson:

What's your responsibility in all this?

They play their part and you might have one in it too. Obviously this is not everyone so you'll have to learn to be objective to figure that out - which is always a good thing to learn anyways.

Are you objectifying women?

Are you making them feel "creeped out", knowingly or not? Here's a great post where I show you if it's happening and how you might not ever know you're doing it:

9 Questions Reveals Why You’re A Nice Guy & Women Feel Like You’re A Creep.

Are you giving most or too many women a more than valid reason to believe you're only interested in sleeping with them and nothing more?

Answering those questions and more will certainly show you this problem is not limited to women AND fixing it or stopping yourself from making women feel that way around you is definitely needed if you want to attract lots of women.

Alpha males are certain highly attractive to women and REAL ones don't act like that at all despite the myths about them.

You can read all about it here in my getting a hot girlfriend steps:

How You Can Develop Your Personality & Be A Real Mysterious Alpha Male

Fourth lesson:

Putting women on a pedestal or acknowledging they do it to themselves too may not seem like it applies here but the fact is:

It happens way too much on both sides and learning how to discuss matters like this intelligently with the sole purpose of learning and not berating the best you can will ALWAYS open the door to something else.

Today it was shown that women do in fact objectify men too - who does it more doesn't matter.

It was also shown, based on the list above that beautiful women may in fact have certain problems directly related to their looks which many men overlook - and when they're overlooked does place her on a pedestal under the belief that just because they're attractive, life is easier for them, when it's clearly not. Different but not necessarily better.

Come up with your own and the process alone will help you rid yourself of unattractive traits, help you gain understanding about life AND women too, and show you how to objectify better which will ALWAYS help you fix your problems you might be having with women.

As I always say - don't be afraid to go there and explore your thoughts - just make sure you do what you can come out better for it in the end OR along the way.

In conclusion:

Stop thinking about sex so much!

I'm joking of course.

Sure, you're going to run into women who believe and act a certain way just because of how they look and thinking that EVERY guy (she typically doesn't want because if she did - it wouldn't be a problem for her) who checks her out or starts a conversation with her only wants to get in her pants.

Some of them act that way based on past experiences and a general feeling she's got from others in her life related to her beauty and such.

Others are just plain arrogant and not pleasant people to be around.

I still maintain the belief that most men want something more than sex - it's not always on their mind - it's not something their lives revolved around and...

Both men and women want it, desire it, love it, enjoy doing it - just the same. It kind of what makes our human world go round and keeps us as a species... alive long enough to evolve.

Discussion like this are not meant to provoke anger or to uphold wrong limited beliefs or to put down any one person or groups of people.

Their meant to explore and learn from each other AND to ultimately gain something so many have trouble with....

Communicating openly and honestly to each other without taking it all so personal.

AND if that's done attractively makes both sides more effective in their lives and of course - turns any guy into a more naturally attractive man.

Share away.

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Dave here (…) I never put it use in my social life probably because I was raised to believe only “sluts” want sex and who wants a slut, right? Right now she is looking pretty good. LOL (…)  making me feel better about many things I just wanted to say I am glad I accidentally ran across your site and to say Thank You and keep up the good work. 

Thank You again your awesome and your teachings are also, Dave Allen

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