Why Women Do Like A Bad Boy & How You Can Do It & Still Be A Good Guy

The age old question is once again being asked - why do women always seem to fall for the bad boy? Why do they like guys who will only cause them trouble or hurt them emotionally?

Okay first of all this is not some 19 reasons list restating the same old tired shit. You can find that anywhere and quite honestly, any post that starts with a number and a bullet list  is (dare I say) a woman's thing. I'm a dude and I don't like to write lists.

The truth is... I'm a bad boy. All the way through. That would explain why I have such a hot wife, right?

Not really (except  for the hot wife part) because girls actually don't like to be treated badly.

They would prefer a guy who is the real deal. A guy who isn't a scared little punk hell-bent on causing trouble and cheating on her.

A guy who hasn't claimed to have bagged a thousand chics just because he could.

A guy who is well - I'll stop there because you're getting the point.

In my arsenal of writing there are tons of bad boys references made and I'm not sure how to re-post or rewrite it once again so you guys can understand it but try as I will...

Bad boys are generally considered fearless but is that what attracts the chics?

Maybe some of them but the mere act of bravery doesn't have to be a bad thing and it doesn't even have to be life-threatening.

Live a life with some excitement, take some risks, and you'll attract plenty of chics.

Sit at home bitching about how life isn't fair and how you could get some hot chic IF you had something some other guy supposedly has and guess what... no chic's going to show up at your door begging you to have your way with her.

The bad boy apparently lives on the edge.

Maybe it's the fearless thing again but there's something more going on here which is important in attraction.

You see the bad boy isn't interested in taking others down. That's more of a jerk or asshole thing. He's perfectly content with leading his life and not taking yours OR hers.

Which means ANY guy who owns up to his life and leads it ANY way he wants is going to "bag some babes".

The right guy won't brag about it so you shouldn't either.

He couldn't care less if you or other women know it.

Both those things combine to attract women - a leader and a leader who is not interesting in boosting his own Ego at the expense of some girl who doesn't deserve to be publicly objectified just because she slept with him.

Here's a quote from one of the many articles on bad boys which came from my typing hands and it fits perfect here,

"The bad boy lives on the edge but he often won’t take you with him. In other words he shows respect for others more than he normally shows for himself.

I’ve known many bad boys in my life that honestly, were pretty cool guys.

He can be tough to befriend and this causes some people to confuse him with the jerk because if you’re not his friend, chances are, he will not give two shits about you."

The bad boy also has a natural indifference and women love that about him.

His "take it or leave it" attitude comes from a disputed fact that bad boys are not generally materialistic and because they don't like to be tied down.

Think about it, what women wouldn't want a guy who seems to get by despite having money or even a stable place to live, yet still manages to enjoy life.

Add to that the natural challenge he creates to women who want to change him, tame him, or keep him for herself.

Not that she can not get that from some ass but to get a bad boy certainly validates just how good she is IF she can land one - even for a little while.

Women love the challenge just as much as anyone else and the competition for the bad boy is fierce. (Especially when you consider how crazy some women can get over a guy she can't have but wants so badly.)

He's also emotionally challenged and I don't mean that in the way we PC describe people these days - Simply put - he doesn't open up to others easily and if he gives a chic just a little, I can literally see her drool wanting or begging for more from him.

Once again, you don't have to be a bad ass who refuses to share your emotions to attract a chic, just don't be some wussy who cries about life.

Give her a little because that's just cool man and when you do, good things happen.

REALLY good things.

"The key is: you must GENUINELY MAKE YOURSELF FEEL WHAT SHE’S FEELING… then communicate those feelings to her. Show her that you UNDERSTAND what she’s going through in the moment.

Show her that you know how to RELATE.

Because, once you can show a woman that you can understand her EMOTIONS…


The MAGIC SECRET Of Getting A HOT Girlfriend

AND she'll know you're not holding back emotionally because you're a prick who thinks it hurts his poor Ego or makes him look less masculine - it means to her you're a human and I can guarantee except for a very select few weird ass chics out there who like to fuck animals, women want to date a real life living human.

Stop me now because I feel a list coming on and I just might have to smack myself if I catch me doing it. Feel free to crack me on the back of the head if you sense one coming on. Nicely though please because this "bad boy" hits back.


I could go on for a long time about why girls, chics, women, my grandmother, your aunt, the lady at the pet shop, the nurse at the ER, the second grade teacher who pretends to be smart and nice but in bed likes her ass smacked and the glasses come off - well they ALL like the bad boy.

BUT... and this is a huge but because here at DiaLteG TM you have to understand (or at least try to get it) we're going to get to the real answers about females and this is a big one.

The real answer comes from the fact that yes - they do love themselves a bad boy but it's not the bad boy who creates the attraction.

There's something deeper going on so when I say ALL girls love a bad boy, it's those deeper elements which are creating the real attraction.

Woman Kiss Bad Boy

The rest, all the negative stuff is mainly reserved for chics who have a problem or two themselves.


I don't advise you to just go out and start some trouble - as from above, it's not really what a bad does BUT I can show you HOW to integrate a little "good evil" into your life so you can capture the attractive edge bad boys have without ruining your life and without giving up on your "good not nice" way of living.

First - you have to understand EXACTLY what is going on inside a woman's mind so you can better interpret her emotional connection to the bad boy:

I actually did a survey once and you can check it all out here:

Survey – Why Women Are Attracted To Jerks & Bad Boys, How Nice Guy Can Do It Too

That's the easy part not requiting too much work on your end.

Second: The harder part requires some thinking and formulating but it DOES work AND it gets much easier the more you do it.

You'll find it here in this post I wrote:

Four Steps on How To Use Jerk or Bad Boy Traits to Attract Girls Nicely

It's actually pretty cool and it DOES WORK so give a few a try yourself.

In conclusion...

Sure, this question and answer about "why women love a bad boy" has perhaps been a little overdone but I wanted to give a little different perspective (minus the list) AND to offer a REAL solution to nice guys who feel they're out of luck with women because they're not the "bad" type.

As shown above - bad boys are notoriously bad people. They're NOT jerks. They're (generally) more out to harm themselves and not others.

Also - the attraction they create in lots of women is merely a side-effect to their personality and the way they live their lives which means ANY guy can integrate a little bad-ass into their lives without going off the deep end.

They're usually somewhat:

  • Fearless and face life head on.
  • Take risks in their everyday life.
  • Show courage sometimes beyond the ordinary.
  • Live life by their own rules.
  • Have a distinguished brand of indifference.
  • Certainly offer many kind of emotional and physical challenges to women.
  • They don't PLAY hard to get - they ARE HARD TO GET and nail down.

AND according to my belief system and experience ANY guy can integrate ALL those qualities and personality traits into their lives which can effectively drive lots of women crazy with desire for them...

WITHOUT actually live the life of a bad boy completely AND by never crossing the line of becoming some jerk or asshole AND still BE one of the really good guys as explained in my Nice Guy Approach To Attraction:

That's all for now - have a GOOD one!


Second image by - Charry Jin

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