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Why Women Play The Hard To Get Game And Why It’s A Good Thing For You

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Women do love to play hard to get. Is she teasing you for her own evil ways or is she teasing you, because she likes you?

Is playing hard to get an art form women have perfected as a sick cruel joke on us guys?

Is it their “cute” little way of letting us know they are the ones really in charge?

Are they doing it to be downright mean and manipulative?

Maybe it’s because some women believe men love the thrill of the chase so they’re giving us what they think we really want? Sort of a sensual pursuit of happiness.

So what’s really going on here?

I bet every woman you chased ran from you.

The faster you pursued, the quicker she ran.

When you tried to connect she decided to play hide and seek. It’s like she’s forcing your hand and when you show either a full house or a straight all bets, are off and she’s gone.

For some women it is a sick joke. It’s a play to boost their ego.

It’s a game which worked for them so they use it over and over on the guys they DON’T really want anyways.

For some women it is about control. Maybe they feel if they can get men to do their “bidding” they will have some sort of control over their dating life.

It makes them at least feel in charge over their relationships with men. Perhaps they lack control in many other parts of their life.

For some women – well they’re mean and manipulative to the men who really want them and the guys they want the most are typically control freaks by their own right. He controls her. She controls the weaker guys and all is well in the world of deception and treachery.

But you know what…just like a huge majority of men out there are nice guys who are doing the best they can with what they got; trying to support some decency or morals by their personal set of standards…

The majority of women are NOT mean manipulative game players out to put every nice guy down by playing hard to get. Only to reject his ass and watch him sneak away into a corner to ball his eyes out.

Playing hard to get  is her own flirtatious way of letting a man know she likes you. But it’s also an easy test of your character.

The total opposite to playing hard to get may be considered a leg opening invitation. It’s a complete slut move and you and I both know it. When you think about it that way her fun little tease becomes something you too live by  –

A defined set of sexual boundaries and respect for yourself and what you put in your body. Aside from decency and diseases it feels natural to not give away something which is very personal top us.

In my nice guy approach I talk a lot about perceptions.

I talk a lot about how the way you see certain things can make huge differences in how easily you attract women.

And along the entire area of how women playing hard to get how you see it – makes all the difference in the world.

First – You’re able to spot the rare type of women I listed above because as you get to know her all the signs will be there and you can stop wasting your time and move on quickly.

Second – Knowing when a woman might be playing hard to get is actually her “signaling” you that she likes you and wants to know more about you.

Third – Fully admitting you like a little chase in a woman. This game played the right way is a hell of a lot more exciting than the alternative.

Fourth – How you handle her test of your character is a main piece in attracting women. It’s a cornerstone of attraction. I understand it’s not the easiest test to pass but that’s okay. Because a different view says,

“If it were that easy how would she separate you from all the other average guys chasing her.”

You see women don’t have to play hard to get when they meet an average guy. They will just not allow him to get her.

It all comes down to this – Playing hard to get, no matter what the reasons are, is HER test of YOUR character and an essential part of what you might call the human mating ritual.

Okay so you might be wondering what to do, or how to play her game?

I’ve opened up more questions than answers and you feel this whole “hard to get” thing has been mostly her pulling away and you losing touch completely.

You’re losing the battle to “never gonna get” because you just don’t know how to respond to it.

I can not reveal everything to you today but I will say character based tests are easily passed when you have, develop, or hold true to your – dare I say it – strength of character.

This simply means not following her every move if your intuition is telling you something’s up. Trust your gut. Trust your ability to maintain space and DO NOT for one second believe if you don’t give her what she wants she’ll toss you aside.

If you follow her “hard to get” lead without some sort of dignity you WILL get hurt.

But if you keep a reasonable attitude that her playing can be fun, understand when to give it right back to her, also know when to hold back because it feels like it’s no longer fun, and never let any woman lower your standards and diminish your character.

Strong men don’t chase tail but you can tug on it once in a while. You can tease her about it. You can lay out your own “hard to get” attitude because you are not so easily fooled and you definitely want her to prove something right back just as much.

And so it now all comes down to this…

I wrote a great page to show you ALL of her tests and how to pass them too. You can read it here – Understanding Her Tests and How to Pass Them Easily. You can read it from a “hot” woman’s perspective here: How Women Use Shit Tests and Why It’s A Good Thing for You AND of course watch a really cool video “ahem ahem” presentation from Carlos Xuma – Why Women Test You – Alpha Attraction.

Playing hard to get can be YOUR test of HER character and is an essential part in any nice guys approach to attraction.

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