Why Do You Feel The Need To Brag About The Women You’ve Slept With?

"Reason for failing with women #27- She Found Out You Bragged About All The Women You've Slept With Because You Do It All The Time - You'll Stick Your Dick In Anything That Moves - You Have Low Standards and Don't Feel Good Enough To Aim Higher And Respect Yourself."

There doesn't appear to be a shortage of men who like to brag about their sexual conquests.

Strangely enough and not coincidentally, they're typically single guys who claim to have the perfect life. They don't want a girlfriend or ever want to be in a long-term relationship.

They'll happily tell you all their sorted stories of how they banged some chic in the worst possible way and no, I don't mean in the back of a Volkswagen either.

I believe that would be a Kevin Smith reference:


Ladies and gentlemen, this tall drink of water headed my way is a pillar of the shopping community who informed me earlier today of a nefarious plan of his to screw my girlfriend in an extremely uncomfortable place.

Gil Hicks:

What... like the back of a Volkswagen?"

Mall Rats on Amazon Prime.

Chances are, unless they're actually in the top 8% of guys who are amazing with women, an asshole, jerk, or player, and you hang out with one of them all the time...

You're never going to meet their lays because they "talk" a good game and do get laid a lot, but the women they're sleeping with don't hold themselves to what we might say and hope for, are higher standards.

Personally, I've known a few guys who happily admitted and liked to show off just how far down the ladder they were willing to go to get their dicks wet. But again - they were rare individuals to say the least and were not interested in making themselves look cool. For them it was more of a fetish.

However for the rest of them...

The guys who don't feel good enough about themselves, who don't have real standards, who brag way too much, who will sleep with any woman who will have them, AND...

Make a determined and often forced effort to tell you about whom they most recently banged, their sleeping habits is why 'other" women just don't like them all that much.

As if we needed a genius to tell us that, right?

If that or this person is you...

Sorry man but yes, your sleeping around habits are why those "other" girls do not like you and what is even worse, you're having no problems getting laid so you have something going on that's getting you that far.

It's just when the higher quality women find out you're "that" type of guy, you don't get a first or possibly second date because they know... trust me they figure it out very easily.

Let me put this out there right away before we go on. I do NOT like judging women based on their sleeping habits. I do NOT enjoy rating women by the men they screw. I do NOT care to belittle or rank their QUALITY like this, but the reality is... they're out there and have made or make their choices just like the men do. Their reasons vary and I wish them only the best.


If you're bragging about the women you sleep with then that has to stop immediately and the truth is, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT except that lame ass friend of yours who is living vicariously through your sexual exploitations.

And honestly - Is he ( or them) really that great of a friend that you need to keep around just to hear your stories?

Think about your need to tell others and your insistence to sleep with any woman who will have you.

  • Is it for the confidence boost?
  • Is it because you think it makes you a real man?
  • Do you believe it's a numbers game and the guy with the highest digit wins the game?
  • Is it because you lack power or control in other parts of your life and bragging about makes you feel like you're in charge of something?
  • Is it because you think it makes you look cool?
  • Is it because you don't think other guys will see you as a real man unless you prove to them you can get laid more than them?
  • Is it because you don't feel good enough to do any better, a broken self-esteem issue you refuse and can not figure out how to grow?

I can understand If this is a problem because you might not feel good enough to do any better but the bragging part must stop... now!

Sleep with whomever you want, just learn to keep your mouth shut about it.

I GUARANTEE you can raise your standards, you can start believing in yourself more, you can value yourself more, and earn your own respect too.

AND I can also guarantee If you don't take care of this issue women will always judge and see you in a negative unattractive light.

They will think and say things like this:

  • "How can this guy find me all that special after he's stuck his dick in THAT?"
  • "He has no taste in women and he likes ME? Ewww!"
  • "He has no willpower and I bet if I get involved with him he's going to cheat on me with some Skank!"
  • "Not a chance! He'll be probably be texting about how he fucked me before he even leaves the bed."
  • "I wonder how many diseases he has - nope, not going there."

I think you're getting the point.

You will NEVER get the respect you crave from a woman unless you RESPECT YOURSELF first.

Of course if you don't get caught and she doesn't know who you're sleeping with it might not seem like it matters but it does because:

For one - Women always find out eventually.

You can only hide it for so long and the harder you try to keep your secret, the more drama and bullshit you'll be dealing with everyday.

And two - You'll always act like you're not good enough to do any better.

You'll reject yourself before any girl has the time or need to do so which will ultimate narrow your REAL selection of women to only those who also don't respect themselves or bodies too.

The obvious solution or first step is to figure out a way start raising your standards.

Start believing you CAN learn how to get higher quality women while not bragging or showing off your "supposed" accomplishments of getting laid.

Don't downgrade yourself. You're better than that!

The conclusion...

Again, sleep with any woman you desire, I really don't care.

Get it as often as you feel necessary and unless it's a psychological problem and it's ruining the rest of your life - go to town and enjoy!


If you're feeling the need to constantly talk about it or it doesn't seem worth it unless you can brag and tell your friends, something is wrong and real higher quality women will never be in your present or future.

You have to figure out why this need exists so you can immediately get to raising your esteem and standards.  It's time you begin to feel good about who you are so you can aim as high as you want.

Start showing and giving yourself some respect or women won't ever do the same for you.

You'll constantly fail with the better women. You'll like yourself even less. You'll revert back to getting whatever you can, and the circle will continue.

There are a TON of reasons as to why guys struggle getting women to like them and why they fail to attract them, this one does not have to be one of them because it's just that easy to fix.

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