Why You Keep Revealing Your Love & Feelings For Her Too Early

"Reasons for Failing With Women #20 - You Told Her That You Loved Her After A Few Dates – You’re Not Sure What Love Is And You Always Reveal Your Feelings Way Too Early."

If you watch any sitcoms or even some movies, you'll notice there's always a guy who "thinks" he's in love with a woman a little too quickly. Sometimes even before the first date.

It's a great comedic setup because we know, based on his character, he probably falls in love with a different woman every week. Typically, his friends try to stop him because they know his problem - and so the comedy rolls on.

The sad part is, although it's fiction, lots of guys actually do it - except it's not funny. It's excruciatingly painful to everyone involved, and worse on the guy because normally he can not help himself no matter how many times he's been rejected because of it.

Revealing your feelings too early can be a death sentence of attraction even if she's feeling something for you, therefore it's a good place to look if you're failing with women consistently.

Love can be a strange concept and it’s often interpreted differently from guy to guy, from woman to woman and from guy to girl making it a very complicated subject.

With that's said, It’s somewhat okay if you believe in love at first sight – it’s okay to have your own feelings and to interpret them ANY way you want…

BUT women are NOT going to like you all the much if you're telling any of them, vocally or indirectly that you love them after a few dates.

The quick, less permanent solution is simple to say - perhaps harder to implement because it represents some deeper issues:

STOP doing it and find a way to recognize when it's going to happen so you can say something different and more attractive.

Retrain your mind to automatically go to a different place so it doesn't come out.

Here are some quick tips without going too deep on the subject of love:

BEFORE you say anything, I want you to playfully accuse HER of liking you too much and too early AND, make sure she’s laughing.

This is where you casually accuse her of falling madly in love with you and how you think she needs to slow down. Keep it in context and humorous though or you’ll come off like an arrogant ass.

Learn all you can about being slightly cocky AND funny so you can breeze past these moments:

Every time you feel yourself about to do anything like this (especially asking her directly is she likes you) do THIS instead:

  • Pause.
  • Step back a little.
  • Look right in her eyes.
  • Put a small smirk on your face and a little squint in your eyes.
  • Think but don’t say unless many other things are in place, “She likes me. Awww… How sweet. Haha!”

Never Ask a Woman if She Likes You – What You Must Do & Say Instead So She Will Like You

Start acting like you’re giving HER a chance to fall in love with you and not the other way around.

You THINK you’re in love – again – that’s fine, BUT make sure you know it really is there – make sure you don’t go telling her too early – Make sure she feels the same way FIRST before you even DARE tell her.

And this problem to be so vocal will go away all by itself.

The deeper issues of this LOVE problem may appear a little hidden but they're there, and if you want this reason for failing with women to go completely away, then they MUST be addressed too:

Lack of want or ability to qualify a woman.

Here's my posts to thoroughly show you what it means and how it's done too:

Are You Qualifying Her? – Attracting Women & Better Relationships

A belief a woman will magically solve all your problems of feeling incomplete or less than a man.

Sure, getting a girlfriend to love you back might solve the problem of not having a girlfriend, but if you feel like less than a man or incomplete BEFORE the relationship, getting in one won't change that fact at all.

When you look to others to solve YOUR problems, they will never get fixed, and in the process you'll quickly find the relationship will fall apart.

Here are some pages to get you headed in the right direction of internal relative completeness:

Be The Best Version Of Yourself – Invest In YOU – The Secret To Attraction

Big Step In Attracting Women – Stop Blaming Them For Your Problems

A belief that a woman will suddenly solve any issues of loneliness you might have always experienced.

Your feelings of being lonely can obviously be helped by adding a close partner to your life.

However, like above, when this kind of pressure is given to another, to solve this "not happy enough being single" problem, it can and often does cause future problems which will inevitably destroy the relationship leaving you BOTH heartbroken and worse off than before you entered it.

It's understandable to feel lonely, to want someone by your side, it's a human desire and drive which does need to be fulfilled.

BUT - you mustn't enter a relationship on the premise of eliminating these feelings. It should happen naturally.

When it's forced, that is when the pressure builds and more problems arise.

Read these two posts to help see things in a more healthier and productive way:

Being Single is Just as Good! Do You Need a Girlfriend To Be Happy?

The Final Step Getting HOT Girlfriend  Natural Relationships

In inability or a reluctance to love yourself first, coupled with a feeling that you have more love to give, and how you might not find it necessary to receive it back.

Guys absolutely hate talking about "loving themselves" unless they're busting each other's asses about jerking off.

With that said, if it makes you feel more comfortable, at least try and LIKE yourself enough in ways a woman could like or love you back.

This means your feelings of self-esteem and self-worth need to be worked and it must start today. This is something termed as inner game and it's best when worked on as it relates to your life and your relationships/interactions with women.

Click Here to Annihilate Your Crippling Insecurity, Anxiety And Fear To Transform Into The Powerful, Confident, Attractive Man All Women Want

THAT link above will take care of EVERYTHING for you.

No more revealing your feelings to early.

No more worrying about when to say it, how to say it, and certainly no worries about her saying it back - because she'll say it FIRST.

AND you won't have to consider your feelings of love ever again because, it will progress naturally.

Click Here To Reprogram You for Massive Success In Life And Love – No Matter How BAD You Feel Right Now, Or How Badly You’ve Been HURT In The Past

A recurrent impulsive urge to have a beautiful woman by your side in order to gain approval from other men, your family, and give you conclusive proof you're worthy of one.

When the feelings of love and a need for affection are mixed with a need for approval, it's easy to let this whole thing get way out of hand.

Suddenly you find yourself desperate and settling for any attractive woman who might make you look good in front of your family, friends, or co-workers.

This is one of the major reasons why you feel the need to tell a woman you love her way too early, and the need to hear it back - all the while thinking it's your only choice or means to gain acceptance from your family and friends.

A misunderstanding of women and an inability to read a woman's emotions.

This happens often and is a BIG one.

You're not sure if a woman likes you and the only way you can prove it to yourself is by saying you love her - hoping she'll see it back; rather than just MAKING it happen.

These DEEPER issues which are far from easily fixed have been building up since childhood and are clearly internal by nature.

You just don't get women in every sense of the word.

You're not clear as to the signals they're giving you.

You're constantly looking for signs instead of creating them.

I was a complete and utter failure trying to use the useless tactic myself so I know where you're coming from and feel for you. I really do.

MY solution was to STOP looking for signs and signals, and focus on CREATING them instead; and to get myself a REAL understand of women, their emotions, and how attraction actually happens for them.

Here's a post to explain their "interest" and two books EVERY guy should read BEFORE they even start "messing" around with women:

Click Here To Learn What Every Man Should Know On How To Be Successful With Women – Double Your Dating - Ebook.

Click HERE to Learn How To Use Secret Communication And Sexual Body Language To Attract Women - Ebook.

Click Here To Learn How To Tell If She’s Interested – Stop Looking for Signals!

The conclusion...

I'm positive EVERY guy who does this, KNOWS it's wrong but he just can not help himself or stop himself.

It's as if he's compelled by forces greater than his ability to restrain from mentioning LOVE too early or before she feels it back.

This IS a COMPULSION, but it's not fixable.

You know it doesn't work - it hasn't worked - and it will NEVER work.

Today's post revealed to you the many reasons why it's happening, and why it's so difficult to stop yourself from doing it.

Now it's your turn to EXPLORE why it's a compulsion to you because it's making things far worse than helping, and you DO know that to be true.

I didn't get into the meaning of love, or the belief in love at first sight for good reason.

It doesn't matter what you believe in - what matters more is being vocal about it when it's inappropriate and too early.


The relationship and the love stuff will happen naturally.

No need to force it for whatever your reasons are or the reasoning you conclude in your head.

Get you inner self under CONTROL:

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  • Sick and tired

    Too much advice out there telling men and women not to tell someone they like, that they like them. Doesnt make sense, so what, we are supposed to pretend we dont like them, and how is it all supposed to work, advice like this taken means no one will ever get together. Pointless.

    • It’s all in the timing and how it’s set up. Lots of men and women get together without being so blatant or quick about revealing their most intimate feelings too early.