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Women Want A Genuinely Real Man! Why And How To Be That Guy

She wants to feel something so be real and genuine and cultivate the bad boy inside you.

A friend of mine texted me explaining how she was stuck in the middle of nowhere because her date’s truck broke down.

She also didn’t fail to mention how great of a person she is… yeah she’s a bit cocky. Okay  well sometimes completely full of herself.

Now normally she’s talking herself up because she “thinks” she’s so cool but this time it was for a different reason.

She wanted a pat on the back because she happily told me that she hasn’t bitched at all… the entire day. A miraculous feat for her.

She said it was because she really likes this guy and doesn’t care whether the truck gets fixed or not. This seemingly streak of bad luck is allowing them to spend all day together and how she can’t get enough of her “real man“.

How her date handled the situation is a lesson on how to be a more attractive man.

If you want a woman to fall for you as hard as she fell for him… if you want women to see you as a real genuine “attractive” man… then make sure you read the entire post because what you’re about to be shown will do that all plus more.

(Incidentally as this post is updated several years later they are now happily married with a child and still going strong.)

What was it about this “real man” she liked so much?

He didn’t make the mistake of being too much of a nice guy by coddling her.

He expected her as a mature adult to be capable of handling a little adversity.

He treated her in such a way that proved to her that he sees her as a strong woman who can take care of herself.

He made light of the situation. He didn’t freak out and start thinking that she’d never BE with him just because of a little setback.

He didn’t start kissing her ass and treating her like she would break or crumble.

He wasn’t at all too concerned with her thinking that just because things didn’t go as planned she would never want to see him again.

He didn’t act out of fear of losing her.

He wasn’t at all concerned that she’d get pissed off and spend the entire afternoon bitching and he knew, if that was who she was or how she handled little problems like this – she was NOT the woman for him.

This is why she was so happy to text me. This is why she knew without a doubt he was the perfect REAL man she’d been looking for AND the biggest reason WHY she didn’t spend the entire afternoon bitching about how everything went wrong…

Because she didn’t want to lose him!

Most nice guys do the opposite in these situations AND when they do “nice” things it’s always for the WRONG reasons.

They make lots of mistakes which only prove to a woman that they’re not genuine or real.

Here are a few you should avoid IF you want her to see you as a real genuine guy.

First – there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with defending a woman against certain things but you must be very careful about what you’re defending her against.

Trust I’ve defended many of a woman’s honor to “protect” her from some jerk or asshole (thinking she’d like me more for it or see me as the better guy for her) in a few non-threatening situations and the results were always the same…

She end up sleeping or being with that very same guy she was being “defended” from.

You’re going to piss some woman off and as long as you’re not doing it purposely or just to be a rude ass – they WILL get over it.

It’s better to be real and genuine than to be fake and overly nice just to seek her approval.

Women don’t fall for guys who come off as having an agenda or treating them like they’re frail breakable creatures who NEED to be taken care of every second of the day.

Secondly – Getting embarrassed in front of a woman when things go wrong or constantly trying to smooth things over.

Things will go wrong,  sometimes more often than not.

A woman wants to know you can handle problems so let her see how you deal with them because that’s the real proof to her and that’s the type of guy she wants.

You can be nice to women.

You can defend her against harm and make her feel safe in your arms.

You can treat her with absolute respect without fear of losing her to some other guy…

But you must be real and genuine and not some kiss ass trying to always smooth things over for her.

There can be no hidden agenda of being nice or seeking her approval.

Being overly nice or defending her from trivial events in which she should know how to handle herself and wants to handle on her own actually destroys any feelings of attraction.

Take from a guy who did it so well. You end up blending into the background noise of every nice guy who kisses her ass just to get something from her.

You want women to question your interest a little and if they’re into you – they will, BUT you don’t want them to question your sincerity or your realness as a man.

The friend who texted me fell hard for this guy and when things went seriously wrong he could’ve easily ended up kissing her ass and making her comfortable or assuming she couldn’t handle it  but he didn’t and that made her fall for him even more.

It was even enough to stop her from bitching to him about not having reliable transportation.

And trust me if you knew her – this “not bitching” thing means a lot.

He went with it.

He made light of the situation.

He handled it without worrying she was never going to see him again just because of some random bad luck.

Being genuinely attractive always comes from allowing women to make their own decisions, make their own mistakes, letting them stand on her own during trivial events which are generally harmless.

Trying to please women gets you nowhere because that’s not what they want.

They want a man who “pleases” her because of who they are and not what they can give her AND that includes a stress-free perfect date.

No matter what happens – no matter what goes wrong – no matter how much bad luck you might be having when you’re with a girl, never forget this:

It’s not bad luck that you’ve been given the opportunity to show her how well you handle things when nothing goes right.

Don’t handle by freaking out or trying to smooth everything over her.

Handle by just dealing with whatever comes your way in a mature adult way and expect her to do the same.

Be real.

Be genuine.

Be the one true original man she has yet to meet and don’t be surprised how bad she falls for you.

Thanks for stopping by and although this wasn’t the greatest lesson in the world of becoming a more attractive man but it a big piece of the puzzle.

If you have any questions, comments, remarks, advice, tips, or even any real man experiences you’d like to share – put in below on the comment box.

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