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Do Women Hide It When They Are Attracted to You?

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Love and attraction are not as blatant as this. Women will attempt to hide their attraction.

Some say it’s in a woman’s best interest to hide her attraction to us. Is that true?

How about some common examples where it felt like it was happening…

Maybe you caught her staring but when you approached her, she blew you off like you didn’t even exist.

Was she hiding it because there was other people around?

Maybe you’re good friends and always flirting but for some reason when you get too close, she pulls away. You hang out a lot and she’s always contacting you… But is she hiding her attraction, hoping and waiting you’ll make a move?

Perhaps she’s extremely shy around you. Barely says a word. It feels like she’s “into” you but you’re just not sure. She’s tough to read yet you have great conversations where she opens up completely to you making her that much more confusing.

Is her confidence so low she hides liking you because she can not believe you’d ever like her back?

And the real kicker – You get along extremely well and you “click,” but she talks about other guys and how it’s so hard to find a good one. All the while you’re thinking she must be blind because she’s not even noticing you.

Is she hiding it from you because she doesn’t want to ruin the friendship?

It’s been my belief that although it may be in a woman’s best interest to hide major emotions of attraction, unless she’s the best actor in the world, actually doing THAT is practically impossible.

You might have read her “signals” wrong when you approached and she blew you off or maybe she was just a bitch who needed the Ego boost.

Or… which is probably the most believable answer – she was testing you.

She wanted to know how easily you crumble. She wanted to know just how confident or experienced you are with women of her believed “caliber.”

Good friends flirt all the time. ( When they’re a man and a woman. ) But when one friend crosses that line and the other is not feeling it, the “pull back” is often immediate followed by more than a few awkward moments.

For the guy it feels like she’s choosing NOT to feel something like she’s hiding it because of reasons beyond our perception.

But to the woman, the only thing she is hiding is the fact that she isn’t feeling attracted and does not want to reject a good friend. She’s hoping he’ll get the point without having to “let that cat out of the bag” and make the friendship awkward and weird.

A shy woman will almost always attempt to hide her true feelings.

If she’s extremely insecure ( more than average ) she will try even harder not to let it our that she’s extremely attracted to a man. Doing that will make her feel even more attraction making her even more closed off and the cycle continues to confuse the hell out of some men including me sometimes.

I’ve found “clicking with a woman” or getting along almost like it was meant to be is NOT a sign she’s attracted. Men seem to relate this great connection to love or attraction but women don’t seem to work that way.

The opposite is actually closer to what is going on…

If she’s opening up too easily, sharing all her thoughts especially about what she wants from a guy or what she struggles with in getting some guys, or feels no reserve about telling anything and everything she’s thinking…

She’s less likely to be hiding her attraction because it’s just not there.

Again, the connection might look like attraction to us because we’re feeling it but opening up is what she does with close friends that she DOES NOT want sexually.

If she wanted a guy sexually it’s highly unlikely she won’t be telling him about other guys. That could scare him away. Make her look slutty. If she does do it it’s often done as a casual test.

With regards to all this we seem to have a problem…

The problem being most guys get so wrapped up in trying to read the wrong signals they miss the moment when something was supposed to happen or they waste their time “trying” to get her to feel something which is just not going to happen – normally.

This means during your first interaction with a woman she will give you all the clues and signals you will ever need BUT they will disappear quickly and if something didn’t happen to amp the attraction or if her signals were only friendly then trying to read her after is all about your interpretation based on what you’re feeling. Not her.

The signs of attraction she gives which are beyond her immediate control are done through her eyes, how and when and where she quickly glances.

David Wygant even mentions all that happens in seven second and how our seduction relies on knowing it and knowing how to use it to our advantage. You can read his ideas here –> 7 Second Seduction.


Her body language, where it faces, how she moves, and where she positions her body which changes the closer you get.

The tone of her voice, sometimes the nervous laugh, the seductress flirting, the lump in her throat, or even a slightly sarcastic but playful tone which just keeps going and going.

She has lots of “tells” and most women think you know what they are. They feel obvious to her even if she doesn’t know she’s letting them out.

Look at this way:

When she’s testing you, or “trying” to hide her attraction, and when she is focusing on all that stuff  – her unconscious mind WILL find a way to let you know.

When she’s done testing she’s not feeling that spark any more.

And when she’s constantly upping her tests to new levels, this means she is highly attracted to you.

Here’s a perfect and very simple article explaining exactly how to read her signals early –> How to Tell If A Woman Is Interested In You. Written by Carlos Xuma and posted here at DiaLteG TM

The real answer about thinking or believing a certain woman is hiding her attraction to you comes from the best there ever was on this whole attraction thing.

It works practically flawlessly.

If you interact with her long enough to create that initial spark of attraction, don’t question it – just go with it.

Stop looking around for signals from women that they’re “interested” in you. Stop CARING whether or not a particular woman is interested in you.

Instead, start TRIGGERING the interest, and watching to see if women ENGAGE. If they do, then assume that IT’S ON!

How To Tell If She’s Interested – Posted here at DiaLteG TM compliments of David DeAngelo.

This WILL keep you in control. Not in control of her or better at trying to figure her out.

Better in control of yourself your actions, where you want things to go or even how far you’re willing to let things go.

That makes you the leader of your destiny with women without having to worry or wonder if she’s hiding her attraction.

If you’re not in control you just might ask the worst question in the world either consciously by saying them –> Do You Like Me? or subconsciously telling her you NEED her to like you.

Both of which can and will destroy the attraction she might have been hiding in the first place.


Do Women Hide It When They Are Feeling Attracted?

Yes and no. 🙂

Yes, depending on what she follows it up with. Meaning she won’t hide it by telling you about her past and or present relationships.

No, her subconscious signals are almost impossible for her to stop happening. More precisely in the first few moments we meet.

Yes, it just may be in her best interest to not let it out too quickly how she feels. Especially early on when she’s not entirely sure how she even feels. Women believe, and some of us may agree, men don’t go for women who come on strong or too quickly.

No, her tests may be hard to pass or detect, but if she’s doing them, she’s feeling attracted to us and there’s NO hiding it…

When she begins to test, she’s revealed her attraction.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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26 comments… add one
  • Mike

    It’s not just women who play games I like to play too I do get a lot of attention from women but where I’m at in life now I’ve decided to stay single as ive lost 3 children and had so many relationships turn bad Im just not ready for commitment or can’t be bothered with relationships atm I’m 32 and keep myself in excellent health and fitness but I still enjoy playing games and getting women chase me even though I’m not interested in it turning romantic or sexual it’s just part of life and just because a woman doesn’t like you or acts a certain way doesn’t mean she’s low life or a bitch, she’s simply just not for you, the secret in the chase is to filter out the yes maybes and nos and if you can’t do that start to learn how.

    • isabeky

      Oh wow aren’t you a stud woohoo

  • Delphia

    YES. This is actually true. it is like everything written here is true about me. When I’m shy around a guy, It means I have that ‘click’ (the chemistry) which is attracting me towards him. More like there is some energy in him that is pulling me towards him. At that point I resist getting sucked into that pull. Which always looks like I’m shy. Funny thing is people notice that change in me. Even the guy whom I’m attracted to notices it. I am mostly normal with everyone except for that person I’m attracted to, I become quite when he is around. I take quick glances when he is not watching etc. BUT will deny it when asked. This is so true. LOL.

  • Delphia

    Adding to my previous response… Why do I deny it? Mostly because deep inside I’m shy to make my feelings flat out open for the guy I have ATTRACTION to. In a relationship I would open up my feelings easily. But not when I’m unsure of how he feels and would be embarrassed if he doesn’t have the same feelings towards me. Let’s say I build up some courage and interact with him for a while and then I ‘get a feeling’ that affection was not mutual, I withdraw myself from the endeavour and to a guy( if he is still interested) it may seem like I’m playing games. This whole thing leaves the guy hurt and he moves on. This happened to me recently. :-/

    • Great point Delphia, “Mostly because deep inside I’m shy to make my feelings flat out open for the guy I have ATTRACTION to. In a relationship I would open up my feelings easily. But not when I’m unsure of how he feels and would be embarrassed if he doesn’t have the same feelings towards me.”

      This happens on both sides and I can tell you the common advice given to both men and women, “Don’t reveal your true feelings until they do” is very complicated and one of the hardest things to understand because most people get stuck and confused waiting around for the actual words when ACTION means so much more.

      Perfect time because I’m just about to reveal this law of attraction in my newsletter. 🙂



  • John

    This is spot on! If someone is attracted to anyone it’ll be next to if not impossible to hide it no matter how hard you try,even the shyest people will give out buying signals even if they’re the least bit into you.But as far as hiding attraction goes,no interested woman is going to ignore your messages or phone calls unless she’s got anxiety issues and tell you “we’re good friends” or “you”re like a brother to me” or talk about other guys including guy friends or exes ,no matter how shy they are.If she says any of these things around you then you’ll have to take her word for it that she only sees you as a friend and she’s not “secretly in love with you” or “crushing on you”

    • Thanks John. 🙂

      • John

        No problem,if you know what to look for the women that do hide their attraction are actually easier to spot then the ones that are straight forward lol

  • Hitch

    If she’s attracted to you, you will know it. There is no such thing as “hiding attraction” She subconsciously will be doing a lot of things that she’s not even aware of even if she is the least bit attracted to you no matter how hard she tries to hide it! The rule of thumb is, if you’re having to ask yourself if she’s attracted to you or if she wants you to approach her and/or ask her out, then she’s probably not, because even if you don’t approach them even the shyest girls will let you know some way or the other if they like you enough. I knew this one girl that was quiet,shy and introverted “basically one of the shyest girls I knew”and she liked my friend that was at one of our get togethers and at the end of the night SHE GAVE HIM HER phone number and her address!

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