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How To Write A Headline That Gets Women Interested In Reading Your Profile

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Headline writing is easy once you understand who you’re writing for, and what can gain her interest.

If you followed my last post I showed how to begin changing your luck with women online.

Now on to the next step to succeed through online dating….

In this part you’ll learn what your headline must consist of, what mistakes to avoid, how to come up with a few good ones, an exercise to build a quick headline, and just a little about writing out your entire profile.

How to write a great headline so women will continue through and read your profile.

First of all, always remember that talking to women and talking with women are different.  Something which was covered in part 1.

Your headline must talk TO women and not with them.

If you’re confused try to imagine what women desire as in mystery and excitement and that women are often curious enough to try to read between your lines.

Talking with women does not do much in that area but talking TO women does.

Speak to her desires listed but never give her a definite answer. Let her mind wander and wonder too. The details about you will come later.

Your headline must also be consistent with your profile.

Keep the steps she will use to respond to your message always in mind…

You write to her and if you gain enough interest she will look at your profile so she will see your headline, look at a picture or two, and then, and  if you do a good job enticing her to write back, she will then read your profile.

This is a typical progression on a paid dating site but not necessarily what happens exactly on social sites.

While you’re writing your headline ( or even a profile in this case ) you must make be clear about the woman you’re looking to meet.

Always know who you intend to date before you write your profile and don’t be afraid to mention your guidelines. Trust me. More on that when I get into writing an online profile.

Headlines are normally too short for this but they can make a difference.

Headlines can be easily misunderstood because some people don’t spend enough time writing one or they go blank and throw anything down just to get started.

Don’t do that!

Spend a little time on it because once you message a woman and you gain her interest, she WILL read it. She almost has to.

Your headline must entice her to want to know and read more.

You can leave a simple question if you want but I personally had no luck with it so I’m not going to suggest it. That’s for you to experiment with.

Do not quote something that is not original. No clichés or catch phrases.

If you don’t believe me go check out some women’s profiles and look for headlines where she has done that. Now read her profile and I believe you’ll see exactly what I mean.

It’s lame, shows people you’re not very original, and it shows how much little effort went into it and assume that’s how your first date going to be.

Putting in a little effort in each part of your profile is VERY important.

Imagine your profile is like going out on a date. I think you’re going to like this analogy so I’ll explain further. This is really cool.

Most people I know get dressed before they go out on a date. ( If you know otherwise, please comment it below I definitely want to hear this story. )

Your entire online profile should be treated as sort of what you would wear.

  • Your shoes, always maintained and clean demonstrates your life IS what you like to do and what you do that makes you happy.
  • Your pants and shirt is the overall effect or first impression you make IS your photos and the consistency in what you write and what you her.
  • You’re not going out on a date without brushing your teeth, washing up, cutting your nails, and trimming your facial hair. This is no different from what your profile must represent. In other words NO run on sentences, facts thrown in strange places or an absolutely complete mess to follow. Keep it short and always strive for an experience over a fact giving seminar which will bore the shit out of her.

Your headline is an accessory you would wear like a necklace, a belt, something on your wrist, or even a structured hat or a loosely fit baseball cap.

These are normally items which catch people’s eyes.

They normally have stories behind them if they’re create an impact and a conversation starter. They do not have to be overly expensive but they must represent your overall style.

  • Entice her to read on.
  • Represent your style.
  • Be original and unique to you.
  • Accessorize your profile.
  • Short and to the point.
  • You can use a question but I don’t suggest it.
  • It can even be used to confused her a little as long as in her mind you believe it show this attitude, “I just have to see what this is all about” I’ve included an example with a profile below.
  • Challenge her to write back to you.

Now let’s discuss HOW to come up with your headline.

First of all do NOT spend hours driving yourself crazy on one sentence. It does not have to be perfect.

But again, as I mentioned above, your headline is YOUR ACCESSORY so use it to GET HER ATTENTION and have her wanting to know more.

Secondly, your headline will lead to your profile so write it first and build your profile around it. Experiment a little. This could take some practice but trust me, it’s worth it.

Here is an exercise to help you out.

1. Write down a few things that pop in your head about who are.

You will NOT use these but you will work off of them.

Here are some examples:


  • Nature Loving.
  • Hate Peas.
  • Often Misunderstood.

2. Next, you’ll want to take those statements about yourself and build something which will fulfill the guidelines above.

  • Nature Loving becomes – “I Argued With A Squirrel Once – He Was Nuts”
  • Hate Peas becomes – “Never Look Underneath My Mashed Potatoes!”
  • Often Misunderstood becomes – “I Never Use My Car’s Blinkers”

That’s all there really is to it.

Writing a great headline should not take you long at all and if you use my exercise above you will also have some clever ideas when you send out your first message.

Here’s a great tip.

Keep all your ideas in a text file and rework them from time to time. Use them as a subject when you message women and change them often if it’s possible.

I saved everything I wrote and from time to time went through them to rework them or add new ones. After a few weeks I had tons of ideas and stories to go along with them.

And I did it all from that simple exercise on writing a headline.

Try it because I think you’ll find it useful in ALL areas of online dating. Yes. Even setting up the first date and what to talk about while you’re on it.

Not only is writing a great headline an easy way to get her to want to know more about you, but by using my exercise above you’ll be practicing your writing style.

You will get the creative juices flowing which will help you write out quick and easy profiles which grab a woman’s attention and make her want to message you back quickly before some other woman snatches you up.

I have included an example below of a crazy headline I came up with and a profile that would go along with it so you can get a complete picture of what I’ve shown you today.

If you’re wondering where I got the headline from it’s an old private joke among friends and Yeah I know what you’re thinking.

BUT if you follow it along you’ll see exactly how and why it can work.

Headline and Profile Example:

HEADLINE: “You’re Ugly and You Smell Funny!”

PROFILE: I was experimenting one day in the kitchen. I do that from time to time when I have lots of ingredients lying around and I want to try something different.

It started out with a can of tomatoes and some freshly crushed garlic which happen to be two of my favorite things to eat. A little water. A medium pot. Some simmering heat. Then I saw some fresh Parmesan in my fridge so I decided to give it a lovely pungent flavor.

 Then on to the black pepper. A spice I could NOT live without. I completely understand how explorers could travel thousands of miles for a new spice route. I would have been there right with them.

Then some red pepper flakes because I wanted some bite and I love food with heat.

Things were going great… That is until I found a few stalks of celery, some carrots, and onions in the fridge. I chopped it all up and sautéed it in some extra virgin olive oil and some sausage dripping from a few night s ago. Mmmm. A few more spices, which is my secret recipe and you’re not getting it that easy for me.

Once the celery was clear and slightly brown I dumped it in my simmering tomatoes but it was much too drippy for my taste.


The next thing I know I was staring at a pot of sauce so thick I could barely stir it. And the smell. Pungent cheese, garlic, burnt celery and onions in a pan with left over sausage chunks.

Now I was thinking… What the HELL am I going to put in it?

Mmmmm anchovies. Haha! Little salty fish. But just a few. Those things will take over any dish.

All I had was some Rotinis from an Antipasto salad I made a few weeks ago, but I said what the hell, I boiled them up and drained out the water. They were the colored kind too, Haha! Not a very pretty looking pasta for tomato sauce but I dumped them on the plate anyways.  I rinsed out the pan and went to fill my wine glass.

And let me tell you what I saw when I came back, was, without a doubt, the ugliest dish I had ever seen or made.

And the smell. Wow.  Fish. Cheese. Garlic…

But you know what?

The taste was incredible. Well worth the experiment and I will definitely make it again. It was some of my finest dining and so I had to give it a name I would never forget…

“You’re Ugly and You Smell Funny”

You should try it some time. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Be aware that is just an example. It’s a little too long and and it doesn’t ask a woman to write BUT it does show passion, creativity, indifference, and avoids many of the most common mistakes many guys makes. So it’s a good start.

Make sure you read the entire online series to eliminate your frustration and give you a better experience.

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