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Members of DiaLteG TM – Welcome and Free Attraction Report Page

Members of DiaLteG TM – Welcome and Free Attraction Report Page post image

Please be careful with these free “attraction” reports and Ebooks.

My server is not the best in the world.

If you download all of them too quickly or are not patient enough you’ll probably block us all out.

So take your time.

They’re not going anywhere and PLEASE make sure you DOWNLOAD them to your computer so you don’t have to keep accessing them here.

I would appreciate that.

I have taken the time to create a relationship with all the wonderful contributors below and I wanted to thank them all personally for allowing me to share their hard work with you.

My goal (by signing up to DiaLteG) is to make sure you spend less time searching for answers and more time practicing and developing your attractive skills with women.

 Peter White

Free Attraction Reports

(these are .pdf files – right click and save)

Ten Signs She Has Put You In The Friends Zone- Peter White – Ever wondered if there were signs you could easily detect. These ten signs are a wake up call. No more guessing or games. See right through how she sees you.


Monogamy Versus Polyamory – Joshua Pellicer – The ultimate decision – How many women are you going to date? A great book to help you decide whether it’s okay or possible for you to date several girls at once.

Never Get Cheated On – Joshua Pellicer – Rules to make sure she never wants to stray from you. A lot of guys, especially when they get their first really hot girlfriend worry about being cheated. Here’s how you can make sure it never happens. This is not only about keeping an attractive woman but goes for ALL of your RELATIONSHIPS WITH WOMEN.

Escaping The Friends Zone – Joshua Pellicer – Why you’re in the friends zone and how you go there. Plus a remarkable strategy to get yourself out and have her looking at you like a potential boyfriend. Joshua offers a unique perspective. Coupled with my free online Ebook – Escaping the Friends Zone, The Ten Signs She Has Put You In The Friends Zone you get for signing up, and my very own Million Dollar Friend to Girlfriend report you’ll soon be a master at eliminating, avoiding, and getting out of the friends zone… forever.

Breaking Up Like A Man – Joshua Pellicer – When you “gotta do the nasty” do it like a man.

The SWAT guide – Dean Cortez – Seduction Weapons and Attraction Tactics

The Stripclub Report – Dean Cortez – – Going out to a Stripclub tonight? You must read this first.

Stripclub Seduction – Dean Cortez – What it takes and what you’re going to know and need to pick up a stripper at her own club.

One Night Stands – The Cortez Files – Dean Cortez – What it takes to get a women in bed for a night stand and how to do it.

Conversational Blueprint – Dean Cortez – What can I say, the man likes to talk. The good news is he can show you how to make your conversations more attractive immediately.


Massive Success With Women – John Alexander – How to Be Massively Successful with Women – 4 Breakthroughs That Will Revolutionize Your Love Life and Your Lays

Free Preview – How to Become an Alpha Male – John Alexander – Not just another lame book of tricks. Hard core reality from your inner game to your outer game.

101 Romantic Ideas – Michael Webb – For your sweetheart. Use it sparingly if you just met her. Otherwise there are some great ideas to get your mind stimulated and her attraction to you to skyrocket.

Training Nutrition Secrets – Mike Geary –  Get yourself in shape. The most realistic training guide just happens to be the most popular. Follow it’s real advice, exercise right, and increase your confidence by getting the body you’re more than just proud of.

Best Sex Ever: 69 Sensational Ideas That Make Sex HOTTER – Lloyd Lester – Who else better to teach you about love making than a guy with two “L’s” in his first name. Terrible sex lately? Maybe you just have a few questions or want something to spark your creativity. It’s here just make sure she enjoys everything with you.

Teasing Banter Lines – Texting Bobby Rio – Magnetic Messaging -You have to know how to tease her over the phone.

Small Talk Tactics – Texting – Bobby Rio – Magnetic Messaging

Texting Mistakes – Bobby Rio – Magnetic Messaging

New Exclusive Report On What Makes A Guy Sexy

Sexy Woman Man

  • 5 areas you are in control of that women find sexy.
  • 3 step process to achieving your specific goals.
  • There are 2 different types of sexy and why you need to know them.
  • Why being sexy is not just about looks and how any guy can be sexy.
  • Find out if women really want a sexy guy?
  • How you can still become sexy when you’re already in a relationship.

Download your FREE .pdf: “26 Proven Traits Women Find Irresistible Sexy – How ANY Guy Can Increase His Sexiness Regardless Of His Physical Appearance.”
*Your info is never shared or sold. NO Spam policy! 18 years or older only please.*

12 comments… add one
  • foss goldsmith

    thanks it was most knowledgable i learned a lot

    • Cool. Always good to hear the knowledge I pass on is valued and appreciated. Thanks and I do hope I can help you out with my letters.

    • Ricky Díaz

      I need help ASAP..I’m very confused

      • What is confusing you Ricky?

        I will help you as I can IF you’re patient. I don’t respond well to ASAP.


  • Shamsudeen


    • I’m only going to go so far on this subject. you can read the “69 Sensational Ideas That Make Sex Hotter” which is above and this article I wrote in my girlfriend series:


      The truth is – I’ve become a so called self-proclaimed expert in areas which I have struggled with and this is one area I’ve had no problems with so there was no need for me to explore it any further.

      Sure I’ve read a little, grabbed a few tips, listened to lots of women, explored many fantasies… but without cause to seek further help I have NOT done my research here and wouldn’t want to steer you wrong.


  • tom

    hey, i used to hang with a girl 2 years ago and we shared the odd kiss, i tried taking us foward into a relationship and ended up in the friendzone, we then stopped seing eachother for 2 years and ther was no comunication as she had a bf, we bumped into eachother again a couple of months back and we are now hanging out almost everyday (no longer has a bf) and she comes round my house and gets on great with my parents, after reading the above im guessing as im still into her maybe the best thing to do is not have fear of rejection and make a move, ic it goes well it goes well if she shoots me down im guessing i should try seeing other women and see her less often? Hmm

    • Hey Tom,

      If she’s feeling attracted to you, then go for it! BUT ALWAYS see other women and date around unless you’re in an exclusive committed relationship. That will take care of seeing her less all by itself.

      Attraction is key Tom. Attraction also leads more naturally into a relationship too. Take your time and do more “relationship” type things. Don’t force it. Don’t think of it as taking it forward. Let it naturally develop.

      And never forget…. Attraction.

      Remember, she didn’t want a relationship with you before ( for reasons I’m not aware of ) but she did end up in a relationship with another guy. So she was up for it but something went wrong or you showed her you were not “relationship” material. Be aware of what happened then so you don’t go down that same road and end up in the friends zone already.

      Also remember, you’re already friends with her so the dynamics have changed slightly.

      For now, while you’re out dating around, make sure you go through my Eliminate the Friends Zone Ebook.


      Best of luck to you Tom,


  • Johnson

    Iv had a girl in my life for the past two years n she had always bn encouraging and supportive. I have bn trying to get a job for the past one year in a particular company but the job hasn’t come up till now, so I’m resolving to establish a business on my own so I can provide for her and myself n get married to her. Suddenly of late, my girl has jus changed. From being supportive and understanding, she always abuse me and my financial position. tells me things like my mates r footing bills for dia women n I don’t. though iv paid her school fees on two different occasions n she came up yesterday asking me to tell her one tangible thing I’ve done for her in the relationship. Sometimes issues dat we resolve easily n forget in d past, now she holds on to it for so long n sometimes threatens to dump me for someone else she feels is better and richer. Wat gets me confused is dat when ever I get depressed about my financial situations, she always comforted me and advised me to be be patient, but now she asks me if she will eat love. Its a situation where she is nice and lovely today and tommorow she gets angry so easily wit me n insults me wit any kind of bad word or no respect. Pls I need help on how to hold the relationship now bcos I love her so much and I want her to be my wife. I tell her abt dis alot. Now sometimes she tell me to give her space and dat she’s not cheating and dosnt want a breakup. I’m not to sure but I feel if I give her dat space dat she wants,it will break us up. I don’t know if I shud rili reduce d way I call and see her, or I shud still be there for her n keep showing my love and affection. Pls help, I don’t want to lose her.

    • Hey Johnson, sorry man I am not a relationship counselor. Not in the least bit.

      All I can say is that you both have a communication problem.

      She is trying to tell you something but is doing it all wrong and all it’s doing is causing friction, hurting you, and setting up a failure in the relationship… which she might want anyways.

      Something happened recently that was probably building up and she’s letting it out emotionally instead of having real honest discussions.

      Find out what that was and you might have your answer.

      On a more personal note, if a woman was abusing me that way, of course I’d look at where our relationship is or what has changed from me, BUT then I’d definitely consider her threats to be unacceptable.

      Good luck to you Johnson and I do hope you find a way to really communicate with her on a helpful level instead of what’s been happening,


  • Richard

    Hey I need to some help. So I met this girl who I really like and our chemistry is crazy we hang and do things as a couple but was still getting to know her and last month she started to think of me a lot and then stated that not to think about love and I stated that’s fine so we can still get to know each other. Then suddenly she became Angry at me I’m confused and then stated she felt obligated but I never once forced her to do anything she doesn’t like. Then she start Iignoring my text and calls and then she will come back and act regular and start talking to me again and then go back to being distant. She been doing that for a while and stated that she doesn’t want me to block her out and then because this is a long distance. I visited her once and then when I came back that’s how she been acting and said that she said to me it’s okay for us to date different people and I couldn’t believe she said that. So she came into town and I took her to the basketball game and she was excited and back to her normal self and she was very happy to see and was so relax and couldn’t stop staring at me. Then after that she became distant again and the drama begins. So I’m not becoming frustrated but don’t show around her. So I texted her one morning and she didn’t response and I became insecure and when on her Instagram and saw a guy stated that he was going to visit her and she stated yeah hmu. I know I was wrong for asking her this question but I did any way and she stated that I shouldn’t question her about her Instagram friends and that the guy she is not attracted to him and it was just a friend that she knew from college and she stated that she was going to tell me but tell me anyway. So I was mad at her and decided not to text her or call her for two days. I need some advice please I don’t want to loose her

    • Hey Richard,

      Sounds like your fear of losing her, your frustration, and the distance is causing some problems. If they’re not addressed by you, there’s a greater chance you are going to lose her.

      She doesn’t want a relationship with you right now. She wants you to date other women. She feels pressured either by your actions and/or her own personal needs and she’s just not ready to “settle” down with you because of that.

      I personally, if I were in your position, is to stop revolving your life around hers. Start actively seeking and dating other women. Keep yourself busy by focusing on YOUR life and NOT your life as a possible couple.

      Stay away from “spying” on her public life and give her the space she is hinting she needs.

      All this trying to get her is only making it worse. She doesn’t appear to be convinced that she wants a committed relationship with anyone so you have to allow her to come to her own conclusion. When women go back and forth like this, you’re best skill is to remain the “rock”. Remain unaffected by her drama and her up and downs. Leave that to some other guy and start to show her that you CAN date other women. You can attract someone else. You CAN see what’s around while she’s trying to find herself and allow her to look all she wants.

      Over time, there’s a stronger possibility by doing all that, things will work out for the both of you. However, over time if you continue on this path, there’s going to be little chance of something more happening.

      Sounds like you’re both young so you DO have time.

      Your FIRST step is to STOP doing things because you don’t want to lose her, okay?

      All the best to you,



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