You Don’t Know How To Trigger Her Desires & Turn Her On To You

"Reason for failing with women #8: You Did Not Turn Her On At All – You’re Afraid Of Triggering Her Desires and/or You Just Don’t Know How To Do It."

Lots of women definitely looked at me years ago (and maybe still do) and think, "Ehh, nothing too special going on there."

And they were or are right. I'll let them decide.

It's true - I'm just not that physically attractive. I'm skinny, short, have a huge gap in my teeth, light eyes, extremely far from any "classic" version of the rugged handsome man.

It all too easily felt like I could NEVER turn on a woman.

What woman would desire me?

What women would become sexually attracted to me enough to want sex or something more long-term with me?

I believed for many years (among a few other so-called logical reasons) it was exactly why I was failing with women.

I was WRONG!

On top of all that I didn't know to "turn on" a woman. I didn't know how to trigger her deep desires.

AND what I did know I wouldn't even use because I was deathly afraid of any woman thinking I only wanted her for sex - I wanted her to see I was different, special, unlike those "other" guys, and far from being a player.

Yeah, I actually worried a woman might think I'm a player. Way too funny when you think about it - a guy who couldn't get laid was worried his "dream" woman would think he was a player. Freaking hilarious and have to admit - stupid!

IF any of that rings true in your head...

THIS IS A BIG REASON WHY you're FAILING with women too and why they just don't seem to like you... in that way!

Let's fix this problem once and for all.

First up - despite how many times you've heard, despite how often you shrugged it off, despite what every core of your mind is telling you...

Women are NOT into looks as much as you think.

It's a classic MYTH which needs to be ERASED from your mind immediately.


This myth is like a disease. I wish I could wipe it out with a vaccine or something.

The real FACT is this:

Although most guys may focus on superficial traits like a woman’s looks…

WOMEN tend to focus more on “intangible” qualities.

Qualities like personality.



Especially when it comes to intelligent, interesting, attractive women, the “intangible” traits of CONFIDENCE and CONTROL are far more rare and valuable than just looking like Brad Pitt.

But here’s the REALLY great news for every guy reading this right now:

Becoming the kind of confident, secure man that ALL women are looking for is actually a LEARNABLE SKILL.

It’s something that absolutely ANY guy can do.

It simply takes a commitment to ONE THING:

Working on your “inner game” — AKA: how you feel about YOURSELF — in order to turn the ship of your love life around.

“Inner game” is really the entire foundation of how a “real man” acts…

Working on your “inner game” — AKA: how you feel about YOURSELF — in order to turn the ship of your love life around.

“Inner game” is really the entire foundation of how a “real man” acts…

It has NOTHING to do with how loud and obnoxious he can be in public.

It has NOTHING to do with how good he is at “hitting” on women.

It has NOTHING to do with the car he drives, or how much he can bench press.

It has EVERYTHING to do with how he feels about himself on the INSIDE.


Are These Myths About Women Standing Between You And Dating Success?

You do NOT need to physically attractive or even physically strong to turn a woman on.

Way too many guys see in-shape athletic women with guys who are in shape and athletic too and actually believe that's how it works.

No, no, no! I can not say it enough.

Sure there's some physical attraction going on, probably on both ends, but they share a common interest.

They've connected because of those interests. They've connected because at some point a deep attraction was triggered which had only a little to do with physical appeal.

AND I guarantee SHE turned down lots of "hot" athletic guys who were even better looking for the one guy who HAD what really TURNED her on, which was mentioned in the quote above:

"WOMEN tend to focus more on “intangible” qualities.

Qualities like personality.



... the “intangible” traits of CONFIDENCE and CONTROL are far more rare and valuable than just looking like Brad Pitt."

So... ditch the myth man! It's doing you no good at all.

You can get around your looks - whether they're average or below or strange or whatever...

From now on - just learn to do and make the best with whatever you got going on.

Second up... being afraid of turning her on and being too egotistic to get some help.

It’s okay if you don’t know how to turn on a woman - BUT it’s NOT okay to stop yourself from learning how it’s done all because your Ego is stopping you from getting the obvious help you DO need IF you want this problem solved quickly.

Sex is a big deal to both men and women. It’s not kind of the thing that makes the world go round, it’s the ACTUAL thing that keeps our human species alive.

It’s part of the deal – why be afraid – why hide it – and WHY would you stop a woman from feeling and experiencing ALL her DESIRES when they're being connected to you?

I’m not telling you or giving you permission to bring up sex all the time with women.

I’m telling you that unless you awaken her DESIRES you won’t have ANY woman spreading their legs to you.

They might date you for a while – make you work your ass off – might keep you around for a while UNTIL another guy comes along that KNOWS how it’s done AND is willing to do it.

Put the Ego aside – GET SOME HELP – This is NOT something that will fix itself.

No woman in her right mind will SHOW you how it’s done.

They won’t take you by the hand and tell you what to do – you MUST learn it one way or another and hopefully from a trusted reliable source.

The easiest way to bring out her desires WITHOUT having to be afraid of doing is to make yourself into a guy women see as sexy…  and I’m not talking about filling out your chest or working on your “guns” or getting a six-pack or having your ass done up like he did in the hilarious movie “Saving Silverman” – which fucking cracked me up man!

I’ve got you covered.

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Alright... so far we've got:

  • Lose the myth. Looks don't matter the way you think they do - just do the best with what you've got.
  • No fears about turning on a woman - suck it up and get some help to learn how to do it and that starts with becoming a naturally sexy guy.

Next up...

Seduction, making a move, amplifying her desires, awakening her sexuality and sexual energy towards you.

On the surface this is a tough one and it's where most guys go and screw it all up.

They either dive in too quickly or wait entirely too long for the right signal from a woman and then, boom - too late, you've already been friends zoned and that places sucks big time!

Now that you're over the looks thing, gotten past your ego, you've taken care of the details that turn women off, AND you're walking around this awesome sexy guy - you're turning some heads...

What about seduction, making your move, and bringing out her sexual desires towards you?

I'd love to cover as much as possible but sadly, really, in a post - it's not going to happen BUT that doesn't mean I'm going to leave you hanging with the information you "probably" want the most - I can be an asshole but I'm not a heartless prick... mostly.

First - Get yourself of fair understanding of what escalating with a woman means and how it happens because once you know the steps, you'll always know where you are with a woman. Read this:

6 Escalation Secrets To Avoid The Dreaded Failure To Launch Syndrome

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Alright, let's wrap it all up so you can get doing what you now know, NEEDS to get done...

You don't have to tell me what it feels like to fail with women because you don't know how to turn a woman on, or you've been afraid of doing it out of fear.

Especially if you believe in the myth that attracting women is all about your physical attractiveness.

You can NOW be assured as long as you take care of the details and do the best with what you've already have - you can still turn women on.

You must also know, without me having to tell you,  NO woman is going to take you by the hand and show you how it's done.

It's not that they don't care or even believe it's your responsibility, it's because they DESIRE a man who either knows how to do it or puts aside his Ego to learn how it's done.

AND they can sense real sexual confidence from a guy. They can sniff it out. They GET IT when they feel it. Without you ever having to say it or even talk about it.

SEX is a big deal to women just the same as it is to you so NEVER be afraid of your sexual side and if you don't think you have one... GET ONE because it's much easier than you might have ever imagined.

Hey - if this poor short-ass space between my teeth guy can find it... so CAN YOU!

The most efficient way to learn how to turn on any woman you desire is through confidence and knowledge and gaining some real-no-hand-in-your-own-pants experience - without FEAR.

Seducing a woman has to start somewhere and it's best if you know where and how it all begins.

Getting over your fears of making the first move.

When It’s Time To Make Your First Move On Her – No Fears – Go For It!

Flirting and teasing.

Start Teasing Women To Create Attraction But Follow These Four Rules First

Learn How To Flirt & Start Flirting With Every Women You Meet – Essential Skill Of Attraction

Sexual confidence.

Click here - How To Transform Yourself From A Man With No Sexual Confidence Into The Kind Of In Control Man That All Women Fantasize About

If there are no questions - we're done for today... later!

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3 comments… add one
  • Jed

    I have a question, Why do I feel uncomfortable, odd, strange, weird, dirty, not right even tryinh to seduce a woman?

  • Ian

    “…[I]f you don’t think you have [a sexual side] … GET ONE because it’s much easier than you might have ever imagined.” If only… I honestly don’t believe I *can* turn any woman on, Pete. Telling me to “get” a sexual side is like telling a feathered bird to learn how to swim. I have no idea how to become sexually confident because I have no evidence or knowledge that any woman could ever find me sexually attractive and I have never experienced intimacy in my life (not even once) – so it’s all theory to me.

    • Ian, your analogy is flawed because for one, lots of sort of birds (or animals like ducks and geese) can swim but more importantly because you just being a man were BORN with a sexual side.

      My apologies, the word “get” is a little misleading or off, it would be better with “find” or “open” or “release” as in FIND your sexual side because it’s already there.

      You can theorize all you want but if all you’re going to do is find excuses or reasons to avoid DOING something about it then yes, you will NEVER get there.

      EVERY man walking the planet never experienced intimacy too as they moved from childhood to puberty and beyond to adulthood, but they got through it and got some along the way. So you can not use that excuse either.

      I’ve just given you thousands of words to help you so you can not tell me you don’t know how to become sexually confident. Just another avoidance on your part.

      The knowledge is up there and out there too.

      As for you wanting evidence, too bad. What are you looking for?

      A “pat on the back” , a reassuring “Well done!” or “Great job man” – get over yourself.

      You’ll get (that) when her legs are wrapped around your neck shaking and she’s screaming loudly in your ear.