You Don’t Make Enough Money – Is That Why Women Don’t Like You? Wrong!

"Reasons for Failing With Women #14 - She Believed That YOU Think It’s All About How Much Money You Make – You Think You Have To Buy A Woman’s Affection or Attraction."

Let's get right to the point: Having or not having money is one thing BUT when your mindset and belief center around thinking, "I don't have it (lots of cash) therefore no woman will ever have me" is a guaranteed way to make sure you NEVER do get her!

This is a false mindset based on assumptions and prejudices which is understandable as to where they may come from, but NOT a way of thinking which is at all productive or effective, especially in attracting women.

When a guy assumes women are only into money and project that belief in any way, shape, or form - they become intolerable, arrogant, and unattractive.


If a woman believes your views on the entire female race represent that attitude, you're really telling her that SHE is superficial and undeserving of something you think you can not give her.

Sure - for some groups of women, they won't give you a chance if you don't have any money, but it's been far from proven or relevant if you're consistently failing with women.

Money is not always and hopefully never will be the ultimate deciding factor.

Personally, I'm not a rare case or special circumstance but I have learned  from experience.  When I DID have some money I was very unsuccessful with women; that is until I learned about attraction and how to make it happen.

After - something terrible happened in my life and my finances crumbled. This was during the same period I met David DeAngelo and went through his material.

So there I was, no cash at all, just lots of new skills and a completely different mindset, and yet I began attracting women I never dreamed was even possible.

Before you get too far ahead, hear this:

Being broke and "skillfully attractive" didn't just grant me access to cheap women or low-quality broken ones either, the women I was attracting were far above that, highly intelligent, great jobs, lots of money themselves, EXTREMELY attractive, AND solid in lots of personal ways.

Money was certainly not the issue and doesn't have to be for you too.

Now if money is not the problem then what is the root cause?

Attitude, skills, mindset, technique, confidence, etc... and a lack of them.

As I wrote above, you WILL push away or get rejected by lots of women IF you convey to them a negative attitude and a demeaning mindset towards ALL women in general.

Also - your attitude and lack-of-confidence, if centered too much around finances and such, typically leads lots of men just like you to give up on dreams, aspirations, hopes, goals, and the drive to better their station in life.

Here's another valid point:

Yes, some women will check your bank account first and blow you off if it’s not high enough.

Yet - your CHOICE is clear but how is not so always known.

You can blow her off entirely and act like it doesn’t matter to you, BUT you’re also missing real objectivity in this case which will unfortunately bleed into other parts of your life.

The objective reality is – snubbing your nose back at her – judging her – acting like you don’t give a shit that she may or may not be a money grubbing pig or gold digger IS, and will ONLY EVER BE for YOUR very PERSONAL supposed benefit only used to make yourself feel better because she doesn’t want you.

In other words – you’ve ALREADY been rejected dude.

So either go out and makes lots of cash and toss her a few dollars so she’ll beg to have you, OR figure out how to get her past her affliction for “cash on cock” OR act like a decent non-judgmental man, and casually let her be without wanting to avenge your poor little feelings.

My point is – you’re reading this – which means in all likelihood you’re failing with women, and how you handle women like this can and will determine just how attractive you are to them.

Handle it with control, dignity, don’t judge her, and let... it... go!

When you can develop THAT kind of attitude women will start to like you… guaranteed.

If you are so inclined to GET money to GET the women - please read this first:

Never Try to Buy A Women’s Affection or Attract Her with Money or Favors

My aim is to talk you out of trying to use money to create attraction. It WILL help so read it all and follow the links.

Okay - let's wrap this all before I get too pissed because this is, and will always be a touchy subject for me...

Meaning it pisses me off when guys use their "lack of cash" as an excuse for not attracting women when for one, they've done nothing to learn the right skills, and two - their beliefs are based on a false sense of reality which is unproven and spread by dudes who are in the blame game for life.

Time to go to the MASTER because he says it very clearly:

"Tragically, most men make it impossible to get their love lives on track because they accept one or more of these “myths” as an EXCUSE for not succeeding with women.

They let their false beliefs about what it takes to be a “real man” bog them down in both life and love.

They let these false beliefs hold them back.

Worst of all, they let these myths give them a reason to continue ACCEPTING PAIN and FAILURE.


MAN MYTH #1: You need to be good-looking or RICH TO GET A GREAT WOMAN.

This myth is like a disease. I wish I could wipe it out with a vaccine or something.

The real FACT is this:

Although most guys may focus on superficial traits like a woman’s looks…

WOMEN tend to focus more on “intangible” qualities.

Qualities like personality. Self-esteem. Confidence."

Are These Myths About Women Standing Between You And Dating Success?

Money in itself is NOT the problem - however your attitude and your beliefs about it, either conveyed to a woman or not... IS the issue!

Think hard about this:

HOW do you feel about a woman who only projects negative false beliefs about men such as: men only into how big her tits are, all men are pigs, men only think with their dicks, men want a woman they can dominate, etc...

Well - when you project this belief onto women, you're doing the EXACT same thing, and if you wouldn't give a woman with that attitude even a second look (or just the look of I'd fuck you and nothing more) then WHY would you expect a woman to not feel the same way about you.

Yes - I GET IT! All too well. Money makes the world go round. Money is the root of all evil. And so on...

But again, excuses... bullshit... because who invented money? If we believe we're stuck dealing with it or not, it was invented by humans and we ALL have the power to change it - we DO have a choice to better life regardless of its shitty necessity or not.

Told you it's one of my hot spots.

Fixing this apparent problem is SIMPLE.

STOP believing it.

STOP using it as an excuse.

FIND a way to prove to yourself through education and practicing of skills to rise above the nonsense.

ALTER your beliefs by allowing yourself to be OBJECTIVE and to see the facts.

Don't allow yourself to fall for revenge tactics because a select few would rather blow a rich dude to get in his wallet over you.

LET them live their own lives and handle it all without letting it change your beliefs or actions. You don't have privy over their decisions and through handling it all like a real man...

Makes YOU more attractive to the majority of women, AND proves to them THEY don't have privy or control over your life even in the least bit.

Handle it with control, dignity, don’t judge, and let... it... go!

SKILL is what attracts women and I'm not talking about your ability to do anything more than learning and practicing the skill to COMMUNICATE YOURSELF ATTRACTIVELY.

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