You Eat Like A Pig, Your Manners Are Annoying, & Show Little Respect

"Reason for failing with women #24 - You Ate Like A Pig – Your Manners Are Borderline Annoying and You Show Little Respect For Others and Their Private and Public Space."

You bump into people and don't seem to care - and you rarely say "excuse me" or apologize.

You don't have a filter on your mouth - you say whatever (whenever) regardless of how it's going to make someone feel, OR how relevant it is to the subject.

You've created a bubble around you which refuses to acknowledge or even care about the people around you and you use lame unfounded bullshit to excuse your rudeness.

In reality you've given up associating with society in a polite manner because you feel the world owes something back, to which you've never given anything to - but since you can't get laid, you have very few friends, and place BLAME on anything and everything but you...

You continue in your rude ways, often "eating like a pig" and demoting and degrading those you come in contact, or more probable - with comments on you tube or facebook, out of spite and revenge, thinking that's what being Alpha is when in fact...

You're so far from a man, no woman would EVER DATE you.

Granted, today's "reason" is not generally for the overly nice guy who cares too much about what others might think of him but it's still a valid reason which if is you, could be holding you back from success with women.

And all for what...

A refusal to make a few changes in your social interactions for reasons which are not complete beyond me, but not worth mentioning here today.

This also means it's totally fixable.

Respect others - they're more likely to respect you.

The more social aware you are or become, the more socially appealing you become to others - which definitely includes women.


The more women WILL see you as a guy who has got it going on which also gives you INSTANT high status which can easily equate to instant attraction from lots of women who are ALWAYS looking for a guy just like that

Your first way out of this woman-repellent problem is:

Start being more aware of your social surroundings.

Pay attention and just be a little more respectful of boundaries and space.

Really - it's just that simple.


Think before you speak.

Consider how another may take what you're saying to an extent. You don't need to go too far.

Just for a fraction of a second, THINK why you're saying and if it's just because you lack a filter or want to prove you're right, or because your ego needs to the boost by putting others down or hurting them emotionally...

STOP - say something else or just smile and nod and don't say anything at all.

This is particular useful when you have time to think as in leaving dumb-ass comments here and there and on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.


Slow down while you eat. Practice at home.

Close your mouth while you chew.

Use a napkin once in a while.

Enjoy and savor your meal and you'll enjoy it more; plus others will also enjoy eating with you.

Learn the art of practicing good manners or etiquette to the point which separates you from every other guy.

Etiquette is not appear attractive alone (so to speak) because its usefulness in attracting women is often overlooked.

In Scot McKay's bonus, How To Have Superpowers With Women you get when you become a member of DiaLteG TM he explains simple but effective ways to impress women without the intent of trying too hard or at all.

He calls them forgotten skills that every man used to know back in the day, and how to turn them into your unfair advantage with modern high-quality women.

This (etiquette and bond-like manners) certainly covers many of them and beyond.

Point being: Not only will you stop repelling women but you'll always come across as a man who's "got it going on".

Small adjustments go a long way here to show women indirectly how unique you are - but also how in tune you are in your social surroundings giving you an edge most men will never have day to day.

Sign up for membership to read the bonus and/or read this informative article which explains it all - just remember not ALL of them need be applied - just get the basics and pick the ones that will obviously impress any woman you meet:

50 Little Etiquette Rules You Should Always Practice

The conclusion...

I've found there are generally two kinds of guys - the ones who are aware of their socially offensive ways and don't seem to care either way - for whatever their "special" reason they'll probably never change...

And the guys who for lack of others looking to offend them, were never made aware of the little errors they are making socially which is ruining their chances with lots of interested and attracted women.

This post is for the ones who do care and want to be made aware so they can get right to fixing this easily fixable problem - so they can get past the rejections and "on to" better things.

I'm more than happy to be the one to risk the backlash and show you what you've been doing - because I DO want you to succeed.

Don't let these small piles of mistakes add up to ruin your dating life:

  • Start being more aware of your social surroundings.
  • Think before you speak.
  • Slow down while you eat.
  • Learn the art of practicing good manners or etiquette to the point which separates you from every other guy.

Read the long list of failing with women right here:

Why She Didn't Like You - Why Girls Don't Like You & How You Can Fix It

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