You Had Sex Once & Couldn’t Satisfy Her – You Struggle Pleasing Women In Bed

"Reason for Failing with Women #34 - You Had Sex Once And It Was Awful - You Move Too Quickly and/or Haven't Spent Any Time Learning How To Please A Woman Sexually AND It Has Destroyed Your Confidence."

I was absolutely terrified the first time I had sex and of course, I lasted about as long as it took to put my clothes back on when we were done cuddling.

But I realized that was no excuse to let it get me down. It was not a reason to give up. It was not the end of my sex life, it was just the beginning and this young man was determined to get better each time.

Unfortunately it's not like that for lots of other guys. This get stuck in their head and not only make themselves suffer to feel like a piece of shit thinking they can never please a woman, they turn to just taking care of themselves to "get it over with".

They let their lack of confidence and skill in this area disappear and actually begin to choose their partners based on their terrible sexual experience.

Meaning, they look for inexperienced people pleasers who are all too willing to give up a wonderful sex life just to make a man happy.

I don't like that, I don't think women should have to do that, (although I WILL agree it ultimately IS their decision) and guys like that only need to do a little extra work to get that job done...

AND of  course Stop Using THEIR Balls As An Excuse To Not Get The Help THEY Need With Women!

Of course the article above is not all about sex but the idea or concept is certainly transferred over to the sexual side.

This problem is EASILY solved and everyone will admit it's a skill that lasts a lifetime, is transferable from partner to partner despite the relationship, and it FEELS GOOD.

I see no reason to suck it up and learn, practice, learn more, practice it often and safely and ENJOY!!!

On the "girlfriend" side, if this is the reason you're failing with women, read this when you get a chance:

"Knowing how & that you can please any woman no matter how much her looks are affecting you physically, is a confidence you can NOT do without."

Why You Might Have To “Go Get Laid” to Get A Girlfriend

Here's yet another PERFECT reason to get help:

Confidence in bed transfers to confidence around women in everyday life.

When you're not feeling capable or confident in your ability to please a woman in bed, it will destroy your masculine confidence and have a long-lasting negative effect in your interactions with women.

You'll act unattractive different and even if you don't see it or realize it, women do.

We ALL know the guys who are always bringing up sex too early and acting like their god's gift to women in bed and we ALL know they're full of shit and are over-compensating.

PLEASE don't let that be you.

Here's some sexual help to get you started and more.

A great outside source of help is called:

"How To Transform Yourself From A Man With No Sexual Confidence Into The Kind Of In Control Man That All Women Fantasize About"

Power Sexuality

David DeAngelo packaged it for guys who were just like him until he transformed himself.

No sexual confidence and No sexual experience.

Click Here For The Magic Key To Turbocharging Your Sexual Success With Women Instantly

Here are a few specifically designed to make you into a better lover and more overall confidence too:

500 Lovemaking Tips

Written by LLoyd Lester who has written a ton of books on having great sex. Guess that makes him a sort-of expert.

Behind Closed Doors

Produced by Scot McKay and titled as “X-ray Vision Into Her Deepest Fantasies. Know What She Wants, Know How To Give It To Her, and Make Her Beg For More.”

Here’s a simple and foolproof system for giving women GREAT massages and yes, it includes step-by-step instructions on how to make women practically beg you on the spot to give them one, all the while actually hoping that it’ll all “accidentally” get out of hand…

Click Here To Get One Of Those “Must-Have” Skills – Massage Your Date

Here's a few free Ebooks located here at DiaLteG™ I turned into web pages which will help your sex life be the best it can be:

Unstoppable Stamina: 7 Secrets Porn Stars Know, That Most Men Don’t

Your Ejaculatory Control - Secrets To Enjoying Sex That Lasts

Have Your Best Sex With Her Ever: 69 Real Tips That Make Sex Hotter

There's more than enough educational information to get your sex life well beyond anyone could ever dream of and you'll notice it right away.

Trust me, it's not that difficult at all to please a woman. Sure some are more difficult than others.

Each women is unique and requires a little something different to get off but it's certainly within any man's power. You were actually born to do it, right.

Another secret key is SEXUAL COMMUNICATION.

Talk it out. Get to know each other verbally too.

Learn to talk openly about it in a way which is not derogative or hurtful. Get it out in the open.

LEARN and EXPLORE her likes and dislikes along with letting her know yours too.

Sex is not meant to be difficult, strange, or an awkward experience so don't make it even "harder" on yourself. (Pun probably intended.)


Get out of your head.

Get inside hers.

Women are like you in more ways than you might imagine or want to admit.

Some are absolutely terrified in bed. They want to please you sexually and don't feel confident or skillful enough to get it done too.

Some don't or can not even please themselves.

Make it your responsibility to make her feel comfortable and capable along with yourself.

Do it together! 

Understand her side and you'll quickly find you match up well.

Let's all get around to leave some great tips to help everyone out.


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