You Kissed Her Once And She Felt Nothing! Now What Are You Going To Do?

"Reason for Failing with Women #33 - You Kissed Her Once And She Felt Nothing - You Don't Know How To Escalate Physically With Women And Your Timing Plus Technique Is All Wrong."

Hey you got the kiss, right? Or you made the move on her. Dove in, your lips to hers and she puckered up to accept your very generous offer.

But judged by her reaction, she didn't get much out of it at all.

Maybe her expectations were too high.

Maybe she doesn't get the whole kissing thing.

Maybe YOUR breath was nasty.

Maybe YOU need a lesson or two on kissing.

Maybe BOTH of you rushed in way too early just to get it over with, so not only was the timing bad; there was absolutely no sexual tension at all.

Which is definitely not a good thing.

Since this post and series is about you and the mistakes made which push women away or make them not fee anything towards you, let's keep her out of it and plug in "her story" as good enough.

My problem was simply this. I was too scared to make a move on her and go for the kiss. I would wait until she did and if she didn't then 99% of the time, NOTHING was going to happen.

If this is you, sorry. Obviously I feel your pain. Buy and read this when you get a chance. It could change everything for you. AND it's less than five dollars!

When It’s Time To Make Your First Move On Her – No Fears – Go For It!

This problem is not all it seems to be.

You got a woman to kiss or you made the move and kissed her so that's a good thing.

Women DO like you.

The issue here is a lack of sexual tension, not getting or understanding physical escalation, your kissing technique, and her attraction not being there or not enough to make her FEEL something more for you despite the kiss. Meaning the kiss should heighten or strengthen the attraction. It's not going to create it but can all too easily destroy it.

ALL of which is covered on this page for five dollars.

When It’s Time To Make Your First Move On Her – No Fears – Go For It!

Here are great tips to get you started and headed in the right direction so you'll definitely know WHAT TO DO.

No Sexual Tension

Flirting is one of the best ways to increase the tension between you and a woman.

Don't let it disappear or attempt to "pop" the bubble. Enjoy it and she will too.

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No Physical Escalation

Best described in the online book I wrote for you which includes this excerpt and more.

"... Remember these secrets because you can avoid some EPIC failures with women just by following the principles.

They will also help you get past some of your own inner game hurdles so you can build your sexual POWER with women.

Secret #1: Escalation is an intimacy ladder.

It's all a gradually increasing level of emotional interest from a woman.

She should be digging you more and more as you go.

As you increase the intimacy with her, she feels more attracted and connected to you.

And intimacy is not (always) physical touch and sexual contact."

6 Escalation Secrets To Avoid The Dreaded Failure To Launch Syndrome

Your Kissing Technique

It's a skill and unfortunately a tough one to practice.

Here's a few to help you out here with tons of great information.

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When It's Time To Make Your First Move On Her - No Fears - Go For It!

No Real Attraction

You went for it!

She accepted it "just in case" the kiss might've changed how she felt but I can guarantee most of the time, it's pointless.

When you pulled you opened your eyes quickly because you wanted to see  her reaction and not only did you realize she opened them up first, it didn't change anything...

Because there was no real instant attraction. No real sparks were flying. No tension and then release. No sexual build up.


Sorry to say but the kiss is the not beginning and whereas most men think the "kiss" is the pass/fail part, it's not.

At that point it's way more likely she's either feeling it or not.

The kiss, unless it's just that good or she was always on the edge, or something strange, rare and magical happened, she's still not going to like you.

REAL attraction happens first and it builds, deepens, or even disappears BUT it does come first.

This means - if you're getting this far often enough with women and it's still not happening, this (or the bad breath, terrible technique, etc...) is why you're getting the brakes from her.

You're not getting any second or third dates. No answering your calls or messages. Always seems to blow you off at the last minute and the awful but fake flaking out.

The posts below are not all the answers you need but explain this whole attraction and how it happens much more clearly.

It's Not About What Women Want, What They Need To Feel Attracted To You

How You Can Instantly Create Attraction In Any Woman You Want

The Real Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid No One Knows But Me

Being Nice Has Little to do with Attraction

AND of course the Ebook and the bonuses that can change it all for you:

Double Your Dating - What Every Man Should Know On How To Be Successful With Women

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Woman Rejecting Guy Kiss

This post is part of the full quick tip series you can find below:

Read the one and only guide to finding out why you always screw it up with women!

It's the answer you're looking for along with reasonable and effective advice on how to fix it.

Why She Didn’t Like You – Why Girls Don’t Like You & How You Can Fix It


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