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Do You Really Need To Get Laid? DiaLteG As A Means To Connect AND Live

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Choose to live and connect with dating, inspiration, attraction, learning, teaching, experiencing and growing with dialteg tee emm.

The acronym D.I.A.L.T.E.G. to me means practically everything.


It’s also Get L aid squished together and spelled backwards. Perhaps the ultimate triumph before procreation to assure our fun quirky species survives long enough to do it again.

Life revolves those 7+1 things.

There’s a good chance that everyday you’ll “Learn” and “Experience” something.

You also might interact with someone long enough to “Teach” them something.

Whether you’re talking about yourself or listening to them we’re conveying a message and kind of hoping they will “Learn” a little because of it.

Life needs “Inspiration” otherwise it could become bland and uninteresting devoid of any real motivation to do something great than who we are.

When we wake up inspired we even feel better.

We sleep better when we know we inspired even just one person that day to go above and beyond the normal act of living.

“Attraction” may be born from our Genes trying to reproduce because we have no control over it happened. It’s not something we can force. It’s also not something we can stop.

Inside our bodies exist a blueprint to help us better match up and produce more blueprints hopefully for better and not for worse. Although both DO happen.

We are on one level of reality composed entirely of cells which are designed in such a way that many of them have the capacity or “gene set” to procreate and they do affect our actions from the moment we’re conceived and beyond.

In other stranger words…

Since we can not technically exist in the future without a present and we can not possible exist in the present without something that happened in the past, we are in essence experiencing every moment to moment assuring the past remains unchanged and the future might happen.

Since everything you and I do is controlled by many little things that are only designed to do ONE thing it’s not inconceivable to believe a very high percentage of everything we do – can be traced back to Attraction or “Getting Laid” or that Gene making sure IT gets passed on efficiently as possible.

I realize there’s more going on and how each new layer we’re built with becomes that much more complex than the last. I do understand one little Electron has a much simpler existence than even a cell which happens to live “easier” than a body composed of cells. But that’s for another time… or place.

So how about “Growing…?”

It’s actually a necessity isn’t it?

We do have ways to inhibit our cellular growth by means of contamination.

In fact over time each piece of us sort of “grows” into another form. Typically we call this death but since the energy never goes anywhere who is to say it’s “new-ness” being a usually more simpler form isn’t some sort of growth.

Growth can also be a choice as in a mental or physical journey we choose to take or to make those “moments” we’re experiencing more enlightened and enjoyable.

Therefore no one is except from experiencing growth and only has the choice to slow the process down or speed it up in many different ways.

Dating IS an integral part of life whose words are merely a simpler perhaps modern version of courtship, mating, getting laid, a prelude to procreation, or a path to be taken to increase the odds of our fairly exact genes to live beyond our cellular or even quantum moment.

Dating might just be at the mercy of the uncontrollable attraction we’re born to eventually feel or sometimes be burdened with.

My point…

A simple walk to a place and a time was a privilege given to us by “Attraction!”

Not because we’re feeling attracted to that place but because without “attraction” we would not exist to have it happen.

We are nothing without attraction, and attraction is nothing without us keeping it alive and thriving.

And what is the best way to do that?

By of course following a simple acronym developed from an accidental flipping of words on a notepad. “D.I.A.L.T.E.G.” (sounds like di-uhl-teg)


Dating is an opportunity to connect and establish rapport with anyone, anything, anywhere, at anytime. To connect with each and every part of the world that exist along side of you. Establish rapport above and beyond mere acknowledgement.

Get to know it in detail and marvel at the complexity that was needed to create it.

It’s also a clever little way to learn if we’re compatible up to including like, sharing, and a life long commitment.


Waiting for inspiration is a waste of valuable time. You can not predict when and where it will capture your heart…

But you can certainly choose to inspire those around you.

Sometimes it happens when you smile at someone you see everyday but rarely acknowledge.

Or when you offer a free cut in for a tired old soul.

It can even happen when you let something go which makes you angry and inspire a new way of thinking.

Instead of screaming at someone because they made a mistake – think of the last time you were not perfect and how no one made you feel bad for it.

Inspire by adopting the belief we’re all fallible.

Remain respectfully compassionate and seek to gain knowledge through understanding.


The desire to live exclusively each and every second.

Become attracted to every part of life and allow attraction to serve its purpose.

Giving those who follow you the opportunity to revel in the stimulus we all enjoy so much.


Over-complication is the death of a perfect revelation.

One accomplishment at a time.

One new word.

One new thought.

You can fill your mind with instant memories, theories, or facts, but unless you allow them to connect to each other – you’re not learning.

Strive to connect the facts and theories more than what the facts and theories mean, and you’ll learn exponentially until it all goes away.


How do you know how to live unless you know how to teach someone else the knowledge you’ve accumulated from the life you’ve lived?

Find a way to have another experience something you have and you’ll be teaching each and every person you interact with.


Famous quote, “You’ll never be happy in the future if you don’t make yourself happy today.”

It’s tough to be in every moment.

Our minds are always wandering and thinking and trying to explain itself.

But that doesn’t mean we can forget or ignore the present.

Remind yourself as often as you can that “time” doesn’t exist without YOU to experience a shift from one moment to the next.

Experience each and every moment for what it is and cultivate new experiences from the past to create a more probable happier future.


You don’t have to grow up or down or even make every decision maturely to prove you’re a fully grown adult.

All you really have to do is add something more to you that the world around you is offering.

Maintain a strong boundary so others are not allowed to steal or take a part of you which is rightfully YOURS.

When you add to that boundary a structure, some self-control, and the many necessary ingredients to live and function beyond it all…

You will grow to act more maturely and responsibly each and everyday.

A man and a woman once said to me, “You know – you really need to go get laid.”

Who would have thought such the simple phrase GET LAID would come to mean so much more than just casual sex but an actual way of living life.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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