Is It Your Bad Breath or Body Odor? Is This Why Women Don’t Want To Get Close To You?

Woman Repel Bad Breath Odor

"Reason for failing with women #26- You Had or Have Terrible Hygiene - You Don't Give Women Any Real Reason To Want To Get And Stay Close To You."

Disgusting story here. I once had a woman all over me at a bar and normally, because I was younger and up for a make out session with a cute slightly crazy girl, I'd be all up for it but as she leaned in closer...


Her breath was something out of the ordinary. I could literally feel the warm putrid stench before it even reached my nose.

Luckily I "came a packing" as I always did in those days. Handed her those really cool breath strips they just came out with, a piece of strong gum,  politely asked her to come back soon,  and that... we'll talk.

Surprisingly, because as I had alluded to above she was kind of on the edge of the "crazy hot" scale, she took it quite well. She giggled and went on her way.

The moral of the story...

Don't let bad hygiene ruin it for you!

You can give a woman EVERY reason to want to get close to you and just as important, not repel her away just because of some mostly avoidable bad breath, stinky or badly washed clothes, old rotten shoes, and uncovered nasty sweat and body odor.

You did all the work getting her there with you, so why ruin it by not dedicated a little time each day - before and after a date or whenever you're out, to making sure you get ALL the very basic cleanliness items up to gold standard.

Yes - GOLD standard.

Do NOT skimp out here and half-ass it.

This is not your car or your house.

This is your BODY and trust me, when a woman interacts with a guy who is impeccable in this area, she gets a little hot for him.

I fully understand SOME things you might not be aware like bad breath, stinky laundry, or nasty body odor because no one has the balls to tell you so I'm telling you now...

Start paying attention to your surroundings and how people are interacting with you.

If you notice ANY signs of them not getting close to you, making strange faces when they're near, not wanting to sit next to you, turning slightly away when you're talking to them, etc...

Then you might have an odor problem you're not aware of and today is the day you're learning it so do something about it.

Ask someone to tell you the truth.

Man up!

Ask a friend who won't bust your ass too much if you always have bad breath and if your clothes smell like you wash them in a dirty river somewhere.

Honestly, a few simple questions, an embarrassing moment which will pass, and a little time spent cleaning it up can make all the difference between women liking you or being repelled and not wanting to get close to you.

So take care it immediately.

The main areas would be:

  • Your breath which starts with your gums and teeth. Always be prepared and practice a twice to more daily routine, regardless of whether you're going on a date.
  • Your clothes which includes your shoes. You'd be surprised what a difference it makes to learn how to do laundry the right way. Obviously you'll want to stay away from "girlie" smelling detergents.
  • Your skin and your hair which includes taking care of any body odor you might have. Soft manly smelling skin, clean hair, and you're all set.

Time for the inevitable conclusion because there's not much more to say on this stinky subject...

The woman I talked about above with the raunchy breath, she was cool about it.

Dodged that one there!

However, most women will NOT be okay with your bad hygiene practices and if you know them at all, they're NOT going to tell you about it.

They're generally too nice.

You just won't get a first or second chance or date... period!

So why ruin it?

Take the time and effort and then enjoy the  reward of her wanting to get closer and closer to you.

Your general hygiene is not only important to your social life, women, and career, it's also important to your health.

Never forget that please.

If you've had any experience getting through something like this, please, feel free to pass on your advice or tips or HOW you did it below.

Your fellow dude would appreciate it.

Thanks for everything... Later!

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