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When Your Conversations With Women Are Not Creating Attraction Get This

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Talking to women is one thing but creating chemistry by your conversation alone is required and easy to attract women.

Last night I was out celebrating. You know welcoming in the new year when I noticed two guys were given a green light to pick up some women BUT their conversation or lack thereof totally blew it.

If you don’t want that to happen to you – if your conversations are NOT creating attraction – make sure you read this entire post because that’s about to change today!

The lines were long, the sounds were loud, and there was plenty of excitement in the air.

At some point, okay, well many times I found myself waiting in those lines getting a few drinks.

Picture this…

There was some woman fumbling over her change at the front of the line.

There’s two attractive women behind her.

In front of me are a couple of guys dressed up and ready to take on the night.

They were definitely single and you can sense that although their agenda was to ring in the new year, they’d be much happier meeting some women to have a “better” time.

Just as the line cleared up strolls in some older man who looked like he just stepped out of a 70’s dance club. He’s got the hair. Pimped out attire and a fancy new year hat to show off.

Instead of getting to the back of the line he slides in to take up the space left by the “change counter.” Yep…he did a “cut” and it was done so casually, like he didn’t know what he was doing, no one said a word to him. It was actually pretty funny.

But that’s not what this is about.

You see just as that happens the two girls realize they have more time on their hands while they wait for “70’s guy” to flirt with the attendant and decide his drink.

They rather abruptly turn the two gentlemen and say,

“So what are you two up to this evening? What are your plans?”

I quietly decided to listen in to their conversation.

“More than anything else, non-verbal cues are what distinguish a good conversation from a bad one.

How to Have Better Conversations with Women.

They were surprised and caught off guard so they mentioned something about it being a cool night out and how they plan on doing something and well to put it bluntly, “Blah blah bladdedy blahed…” their way into quickly boring the girls.

It was strange because the “alpha” girl was asking lots of questions and it even appeared she was playing some pick up game on these two totally clueless guys.

Unfortunately the men didn’t have a clue what they were getting themselves into or how to talk to them ( Attractively that is. )

The conversation continued even as they ordered their drinks and they were still talking after they got them.

But then – as if some hatchet came out of nowhere – the girls quickly said,

“Nice meeting you guys, have a great night.”

And they were poof… gone in a flash.

Now I could sense they guys were dumbfounded but very reluctant to admit they didn’t know what happened…

Two women approached THEM. THEY kept the conversation going for more than several minutes but got no more than a quick blow off.

I heard them mention something about “let’s go here…” but I could see and feel through their vocal inflections how they clearly felt rejected.

Not because they couldn’t finish the job but that they didn’t even approach them AND the girls started the conversation AND they still found a way to screw it all up.

Nothing against them because it was clear to me what they were doing wrong.

It wasn’t their attitude. It wasn’t their clothes. It wasn’t that they were caught off guard. It wasn’t a lack of confidence.

“You want to keep raising the stakes of the conversation so that she is more and more emotionally and sexually involved.

How to Approach Women – Introductions – Subjects to Discuss and Avoid.

In fact they held themselves up pretty good.

Granted their body language wasn’t perfect and they didn’t lead the interaction with it but hey, for a couple surprised guys – they managed it.

But they still failed to spark any real attraction.

The interaction turned into some monotonous “question-answer” affair like they were filling in the dots on some test that they were forced to take.

Sound familiar?

Like every conversation you have with an attractive women just doesn’t spark that much needed ATTRACTION.

“It was like I was doing everything humanly possible to NOT run out of things to say…

And this meant completely abandoning everything I learned about creating attraction simply to keep the conversation going.

How to Avoid Awkward Silences with Women – Conversation Techniques.

Almost like you’re trying to follow her moves hoping get her to like you.

That’s because there’s no chemistry.

When you fail to energize her in some way, when you fail to spark that attraction, when you fail to get her charged up with your vocal “talents” the conversation will probably end abruptly with her blowing you off.

Through no fault of your own because you know just being yourself doesn’t do it.

Sure you’ll try some techniques which works a little but they always feel as if you’re trying way too hard.

So you can imagine what they feel like to her.

She may give you the benefit of the doubt but in the back of her mind she’s probably thinking about something else – hoping some kind of chemistry will just magically spark and when it doesn’t, she’s more disappointed than you because you seemed like such a cool guy to talk with.

How do you solve this problem?

How do you create that spark without playing some role you can not possibly keep up?

How DO you energize women and have them wanting more?

Well I have some good news for you and some bad news too.

The bad news is – I’m not an total expert in this field. I’m not a natural conversationalist and I’ve worked way too hard to get over this affliction.

I tried everything.

Every tactic.

Every cocky comedy routine.

Every trick in the book.

And yes granted sometimes it was just to see the result so it’s true, I’ve tested some pretty weird shit to gather results and learn from them and I’m sure those women had a feeling what I was doing so they went along with it anyways.

The good news is you DO NOT have to work as hard as I did to create that chemistry with any woman you choose.

You don’t have to guess, experiment, or create some “social magnet” to lure women into liking you.

All you have to do is learn how to create attractive conversations.

And you can do that by discovering how to talk to women in such a way you become the guy she fantasizes about.

If you’ve ever wished you were the kind of guy that women chase after…

…The kind of guy who women can’t stop thinking about…

…The kind of guy she can’t keep her hands off…

Then I highly recommend you go ahead and click here to watch this video right now, do NOT miss this:

It teaches you some amazing things about how the female mind works, and how to be thought of as a ‘great catch’ that she wants to be intimate with.

Now I don’t want you to watch it because I’m asking you, or because you’re believing there’s some free advice to help you “attract” a women instantly after watching it.

Because honestly that’s not true.

Yes, of course you’ll learn something about talking to women or else I wouldn’t even bother.

I want you to watch it because of two main reasons:

  1. You’re not blown off and clueless wondering, like the two guys above,  how a seemingly innocent conversation ended without any sexual spark. You will learn what went wrong and exactly why they go wrong for you. Or why the chemistry never happens.
  2. I want you to fully understand attracting women is so much easier than you could ever imagine. I want you to stop complicating your interactions with women because it’s only making things more difficult than they need to be.

Understand the techniques won’t come to you all that easy – if that was the case you would have learned it all by yourself by now.

Am I right?

Imagine if you found it easy to talk to women in such a way that sexual tension and chemistry gets built up between the two of you?

You’ll finally understand why hot women lose interest in you, why they fantasize about other types of guys, and most importantly…

How to become the kind of guy who peaks her sexual intrigue, who she can’t stop thinking about, and who she actually chases after…

Here’s what you’ll get from this presentation and Conversation Chemistry:

  • How to plug into her sexual emotions
  • The incredible technique for “hotwiring” a woman’s sexuality so she’s hanging on every word you say and begging for more
  • Say these words and she will FIGHT to be with you
  • The crazy words (VERY specific) that “signal” her brain to make her instinctively see you as the most charismatic man in the room
  • The “secret trigger words” you can use to control her desire so you can make her desperate to be with you
  • How to make her compete for you – Harness her competitive instincts to make her ‘win’ you (she’ll see YOU as the prize after you start doing this)
  • Words are powerful because they can be used to plant images in a woman’s mind.

Just think about how you feel when a hot woman even casually mentions her panties (or her bra).

If you’re like most warm-blooded, straight men, you can’t help but picture those panties, the folds they’re covering and the softness they’re revealing.

And this gives you a little thrill – a surge of testosterone and adrenaline as your heart beats a little faster, your breathing quickens, and you start thinking about what it would be like to be with her.

If you want to give a woman this same jolt of pleasure just with the words you say, you need to check out Anna’s video right now:

  • Engaged, excited, thrilled to talk to you.
  • Replace your old boring self with the words you use to shut of all the bullshit and still be yourself.
  • Being in control of yourself.,
  • Friendly to physical very quickly.
  • Rid yourself of the social mask that feels uncomfortable.
  • Get attraction happening.
  • Leading her.
  • Be in control of your flirting ability.
  • Power energy and conviction.

Conversation Chemistry – How To Talk To Women

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