You’re Screwed Because Women Don’t Like Guys Who Don’t Have… A Car!

"Reasons for Failing With Women #15 - You Made Her Feel Like That Without A Car, You Couldn’t Date Her – You Do Not Own A Car And You Use It As An Excuse – You Don’t Get Things Done Despite Not Having An Advantage."

When I first moved out of my Mom's house I was the typically broke-ass looking for freedom, and I got it with one major problem: Having to take a lame job to pay the bills which really cut into my my free time.

Honestly, the job wasn't that bad, it was a small mostly take-out and delivery pizza/pasta restaurant. The pay was slightly about average but which also meant, I couldn't afford a car.

I went out a bought a bike and my humiliating slash dirty commute began.

With each passing day - my ass (literally) got covered in rain, snow, dirt, and grime; frozen snots in the cold winter, I peddled away furiously.

With each circle my feet peddled ticked away my confidence along with any hope of getting a girlfriend...

Because I did't own a car.

It was not only a great excuse, in my part of the world, it actually seemed very important because think about it:

  • How do you pick up a date?
  • How do you take her out?
  • How do you get out and actually meet women?
  • If lucky - where would we go? A park? For a bike ride?

It's understandable, when you're a few years out of high-school, where superficiality seems to be much greater and more important, where the studs with the cars got all the girls (because they were cool, right?) - the mindset naturally carries over to full adulthood.

Also - the area I lived in had terrible, practically NO public transport at all, and although it wasn't in the middle of nowhere - every place you wanted to go was far away.

The years quickly passed and to put a nasty piece of shit on top of my bullshit life, I "finally" met a woman who I thought would change it all - she decided to set me straight.

Yup - She put it all together for me in one nasty package of REALITY - She wasn't into me even in the slightest, but promised to help me out, get me laid, whatever, BUT one of the first MUST things I had to do...

"... Was to buy a fucking car you bum!!!"

So I KNOW where you're coming from, seriously I GET IT.

Every inch of me wants to avoid showing you reality because it's true:

Depending on where you live (big cities are certainly an exception but not a big one, when you can go on you tube and watch gold-digger videos of guys getting "girls" - term not loosely used) a CAR can be a major advantage and quite helpful in dating and attracting women.

It's the truth BUT it's also an EXCUSE and I think you know it. Hence the two quotes below fit here:

"There are no problems, only solutions."

- John Lennon

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

- Sir Winston Churchill

This problem can actually be an opportunity IF you learn how to handle and refuse to let it be an excuse for women not liking you - with the added benefit that we must admit, if some woman refuses you for the sole reason of not having a car, or a hot car, then it's a safe bet she's kind of a superficial pain in the ass anyways, right?

But let's not go down that negative road.

Let's go here instead:

Optimism is an extremely attractive trait.

Knowing you can learn how and use certain skills to attract a woman, despite not having a car gives you a major advantage over anyone who feels they must have "things" and/or a fancy care and uses superficial means to BUY their way into heart.

When you project to women that you CAN attract her without a car, when you don't let problems stand in your way, when you show others you make opportunities from troubles, when you don't instantly fall back to excuses...

Women WILL notice and are going to love that about you.

Learning how to get more for less is also a very attractive trait.

I've known plenty of guys who found a way to get around AND attract some pretty amazing women and a few of them never owned a car or even had a license.

They achieved results by having the skill of getting more for less.

They had a varied and wide social life and people enjoyed helping them out and getting them places because of who he was and how much he was willing to give first - rather than beg, plead, bargain his way into getting favors.

Here are three pages I wrote which can help you build a rewarding social life, get more for less, and gain control of your life; all of which will make you more attractive to women - without ever having to buy a car.

The conclusion...

This reason for consistently failing women only has a little to do with not having a car.

Sure it can make dating tougher especially in areas where public transpiration sucks.  Yes - it's certainly can be a disadvantage in meeting women too.

And of course not having means of transportation can certainly mean being rejected by a small minority of women.

BUT - the biggest problems arise when it used as an excuse AND one in which you're either not willing to change the situation by working the best you can towards getting a car, or by having a pessimistic non-opportunistic mindset that it's everything that is standing in your way of attracting women.

Those are the real issues here.

Any problem needs a solution and often can be found one way or another. This isn't a global crisis or a unified theory of physics - so the answer is out there IF you're wiling to find it.

Every failure is an opportunity for success.

Not having a car can actually be an advantage that CAN make you more attractive to women, regardless of owning a car for all the reasons listed above.

I'd absolutely LOVE to tell you that I attracted more women while riding a bike to work everyday, but that wasn't true; so I know where you're coming from here.

The fact is - a few cars later I took out a big loan because I was handed the deal of the century on an awesome Mustang and couldn't resist.  That car certainly turned some heads and got my foot in the door with a few women.

However I realized that although the car helped - what made the most difference was my willingness to handle the problem head on and face the risk of bankruptcy to own a marvelous piece of work.

That attitude came about at the same time I was learning the skills of attraction, and when the car went away after being hit head on by another driver... the women did NOT!

The CAR wasn't the answer...

It was just a tool which unfortunately attracted women who were proverbial "tools" but by then, it was too late.

I could see past the bullshit and CHOOSE who I wanted to date, not because of the car, but because of the person I developed within myself turning problems into solutions - getting more for less - branching out my social life - learning the skills of attraction - CHOOSING to be an optimist, a believer, and getting past all my past poor and pathetic EXCUSES.

I'll brag here - THAT is the EXACT TYPE of man who attracts WOMEN - regardless of transportation or the added expense, big or small, of my automobile.

You can have the book that first taught me in the year of the Mustang for about .3% (yes, that's a point in front .003) of what I paid for my old car right here:

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